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Several holiday companies release extra free child places for family breaks this summer

SEVERAL holiday companies have released more free child places in July and August.

The packages include accommodation and return flights with baggage allowance, with one child going completely free of charge.

Many holiday companies have released more free child places in July and August

Taking into account that airfare and accommodation are usually the biggest costs of any holiday, having one kid staying for free can make a big difference in price.

The best deals we’ve found come from holiday giants like Jet2holidays, TUI, easyJet holidays and First Choice.

There are plenty of options to suit any family’s tastes and interests, whether it’s relaxing on a Mediterranean beach or staying at a busy waterpark hotel.

The free child places are usually available for kids aged 12 and under, and whichever board you select for the adults will automatically apply to them too.

So, you can pick anything from room-only and self-catering to full-board and all-inclusive stays.

For those with older kids, TUI also offers free child places up to 17 years old.

With the deal, seven-night stays at Club Candan in Marmaris, Turkey, cost from £1,080 for a family of three.

That includes your return flights departing on July 8, 2024, baggage allowance, and resort transfers.

Meanwhile, for an all-inclusive option, week-long stays at Mareblue Beach in Corfu, Greece, are available from £1,556 for a family of three (778pp).

Here are some others we’ve found with different holiday companies over July and August:

First Choice

First Choice offers free child places to kids under £12, and packages include flights, accommodation and shared resort transfers.

The holidays can also be booked with £30pp deposits.

EasyJet holidays

EasyJet holidays says to have released “more free child places than ever” this year.

The free child place offers are available on three-, four-, seven- and ten-night holidays.

These holidays can be booked with deposits of £60 per person.

  • Check out all of easyJet holidays’ free child places deals here


Jet2holidays also offers free child places to kids aged 12 and younger. The offer includes shared transfers to the hotel, accommodation, and flights.

These include the largest baggage allowance of 32kg — even for the kids.

We rounded up a few deals from each company as the availability is constantly changing, so make sure to check out the holiday company’s latest offers too.

For more deals, we found £100 discounts on spring holidays to Europe’s top destinations.

We’ve also revealed budget-friendly flights to popular European hotspots cost less than £50pp this spring.

Meanwhile, EasyJet launched a sale on beach holidays – but only from two UK airports.

Prices correct at the time of publication.

The World's 50 Best Beaches

The World's Best Beaches consulted more than 750 judges including travel journalists, influencers, and beach ambassadors to rank the beaches.

  1. Lucky Bay, Australia
  2. Source D’Argent, Seychelles
  3. Hidden, Philippines
  4. Whitehaven, Australia
  5. One Foot, Cook Islands
  6. Trunk, US Virgin Islands
  7. Honopu, Hawaii
  8. Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland
  9. Navagio Beach, Greece
  10. Balandra, Mexico
  11. Cala Goloritze, Italy
  12. Pipe Creek, Bahamas
  13. Pink, Indonesia
  14. Grace, Turks & Caicos
  15. Gardner, Ecuador
  16. Mcway, California
  17. Turquoise, Australia
  18. Le Morne, Mauritius
  19. Sancho, Brazil
  20. Seven Mile, Cayman Islands
  21. Lanikai, Hawaii
  22. Maya, Thailand
  23. Moro, Spain
  24. Kelingking, Indonesia
  25. Meads, Anguilla
  26. Flamenco, Puerto Rico
  27. Arena, Dominican Republic
  28. Little Hellfire, Australia
  29. Lazio, Seychelles
  30. Vaeroy, Norway
  31. Horseshoe, Bermuda
  32. Myrtos, Greece
  33. Hidden, Mexico
  34. Grand Anse, Grenada
  35. Xpu Ha, Mexico
  36. San Josef, Canada
  37. Matira, French Polynesia
  38. Capriccioli, Italy
  39. Pasjaca, Croatia
  40. Boulders, South Africa
  41. Salines, Martinique
  42. Champagne, Vanuatu
  43. Marinha, Portugal
  44. Balos, Greece
  45. Achmelvich, Scotland
  46. Kaputas, Turkey
  47. Radhangar, India
  48. Varadero, Cuba
  49. Piha, New Zealand
  50. Pink Sand, Bahamas 

The packages include accommodation and return flights with baggage allowance, with one child going completely free of charge[/caption]
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Cyprus Closed Chess Championship names winners

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