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‘It’s the holy grail’ gush shoppers as they race to nab hard to find £28 summer dress in Sainsbury’s

SPRING fashion is usually all about colour as we prepare for the warmer weather – but it’s a monochrome dress that has shoppers “in a chokehold” in Sainsbury’s.

Last week fashionistas hailed the supermarket for releasing an “absolutely stunning” £22 red dress which they called the “perfect transitional piece”.

Sainsbury’s has been hailed over a ‘holy grail’ £28 dress[/caption]
Tu Clothing
Shoppers are loving the supermarket’s monochrome frock[/caption]

And now, they’re frantically racing to their nearest store to find a £28 black and white floral frock

The Tu Clothing piece comes in sizes 6-24 and has been nicknamed the “holy grail” as desperate fashion fans struggle to get their hands on it.

The monochrome kukkia print midaxi dress is part of Tu Clothing’s collaboration with Scion, a British brand that joyfully mixes bold pattern and confident colour with Scandi influences.

The supermarket giant promises that the collab “combines our design team’s expertise, exploring Scion’s iconic portfolio of prints, together bringing joyful energy to our clothing range”.

Describing the floral dress, Tu Clothing bosses added: “Have a monochrome moment in our Kukkia floral print dress.

“In a flattering midaxi length, it has short sleeves and comes in a relaxed fit. Style it with sandals for a staple spring look.”

And it’s been a huge hit with shoppers so far.

Trying it on, size 22 fashionista Poppy Adams revealed she had actually bought it for her mum but decided to give it a go herself.

She admitted the print isn’t “necessarily her style” but was swiftly impressed by the fit.

She said: “I really like the shape of this. The material is kind of lineny so it feels so light and airy.

“With a little belt to cinch the waist and some cute white trainers, I think that would look really lovely.”

Other fashion fans are now desperate to get one for themselves, as one said: “I can’t find the black flower dress for the life of me.”

Another cried: “That black and white floral number! NEED! Can’t find it anywhere on the website.

“I’m going to my nearest huge Sainsbury’s 33 miles away to find it tomorrow.”

I need this like my life depends on it.”

Sainsbury's shopper

A third chimed in: “I’m trying so hard to add colour into my wardrobe but that black and white dress has me in a chokehold.”

“Fingers crossed we all find the holy grail”, wrote a fourth.

Meanwhile, someone else pleaded: “Tu Clothing can you please get the black and white one back in stock so us plus sized gals can have a hot gal summer?”

And a sixth added: “I have looked for the liney black and white patterned dress and can’t find it, I need this for a wedding like my life depends on it.”

While you’re in store you should also check out the Rose Ruched Blurred Floral Mesh dress, which we’ve also spotted in the supermarket’s aisles.

As the name suggests, this midi-maxi dress has a beautiful floral print in pinks and brown colours.

Made from a lightweight polyester mesh material, it is fully lined and has clever ruching to flatter all shapes.

It also has a small side slit, meaning you can move about easily despite the fitted style.


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Nvidia employees are getting richer with a 'special Jensen grant' that boosts their stock awards by 25% — latest news 24/7. You can add your news instantly now — here

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Couple who won Come Dine With Me posed as customs officers to steal drugs as part of scam

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