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Naughty nans toting sex toys, front row flashers & used knickers flung in my face – my sordid life as a male stripper

MALE strip shows have become a hot ticket for British women.

According to recent data, hen parties are a whopping three times more likely to include some form of nudity compared to stag dos. 

Dreamboy Ryan has shared saucy confessions about his female audience[/caption]
Married women leap past security guards to get a handful of Ryan’s abs[/caption]

It’s no wonder hit shows like Magic Mike are a sell out, but with sexy men comes mayhem. 

Police are probing male strip show Pleasure Boys’ XXL after their end-of-tour event saw almost 40 women storm the stage to get their hands on the hunks. 

Viral footage shows the nearly-nude performers getting frisky with grannies, wives and even a football star’s fiancee. 

Reports told of the ladies engaging in ‘disgraceful’ sex acts with the entertainers, but it’s no surprise to full-time dancer and professional Dreamboy Ryan Kendall.

The 25-year-old has whipped off his top and trousers with the Dreamboys for a year, and seen more steamy scenes than most blokes do in a lifetime. 

Here he spills the secrets of what really goes on when he strips on stage.

Naughty nans get handsy 

Old women are the dirtiest of them all. And when I say old, I mean old. 

Ladies in their 80s and 90s come to see the show on a regular basis. They pay a premium to sit in the front row for an up-close look at our bodies and they’re so naughty it makes your jaw drop. 

These cute grannies pay for a meet and greet after the show and whisper the raciest stuff in my ear. One told me, while squeezing my bicep: “I’d love to take you home and sit you on my sofa.”

They’re not afraid to stroke their fingers all over my chest and six pack – they can’t help themselves. If they’re this naughty in public, what on earth are they like at home? 

Ladies love a sex toy 

When we tour the UK there’s a pop-up shop at the venue where people can buy Dreamboys-branded items from T-shirts to mugs, nude calendars and even sex toys. 

Sure, you’ll get hen parties and gaggles of married women snapping up a few calendars to gawp at but, I kid you not, it’s always the old dears in white blouses and pleated skirts who bring vibrators and fluffy handcuffs to the till.

Their husbands must be having the time of their lives. 

Brief encounters with rule breakers 

Ryan Kendall, male stripper, supplied
Ryan sees naughty nans with hands full of fluffy handcuffs and vibrators

Dreamboys is a strip show, so every night is a rowdy one. 

I’ve had all manner of underwear flung at me by the crowd from lace thongs to granny pants and support bras, and their aim is incredible. 

My role in Dreamboys involves me dancing with the whole cast and also going solo stripping down to my underwear. My appendage comes out at the very end of the performance. 

One night, near the end of the show, I was performing a solo dance with my top off when a pair of rubber knickers came flying onto the stage. They hooked themselves on my nose and wouldn’t budge. 

The woman who slingshotted them at me was very proud of herself. 

Booze out, boobs out 

Ladies know they can let loose at Dreamboys and boy, do they make the most of it. 

When the curtains come up there’s a glass in everyone’s hand and by the end of the show the seats are littered with lipstick-stained plastic cups and empty prosecco bottles. 

The ladies definitely pre-drink before coming to the show and by the second half, they lose all their inhibitions. 

I’ve seen married women whip their tops up and shake their boobs at us. Let’s just say they try to do the same performance as us. 

Others try to jump on the stage and get their hands on our bodies. We don’t allow touching in that area, but you’d be amazed how many try it on. 

I remember the last woman to leap out of her seat. She was the same age as my mum and she came right for me. She jumped up so fast, straight past security. 

I swear she could’ve been an acrobat, no one had time to react. Thankfully it was early on in the act so I wasn’t nude. She still got a good handful of my top half. 

Our parents watch us strip 

It’s a common misconception that Dreamboys have a certain personality, sleep around and want all the female attention. That’s not the case.

Half the time one of our parents will be in the audience. My mum and dad came to see me recently and they were so proud. 

Afterall, our show is a skill and we’ve worked so hard to be the best. 

Girlfriends get jealous 

Having a job like mine comes with its challenges, and girls are one of them. 

Different working hours and constant touring can put a strain on relationships. 

I had a girlfriend for a year and it didn’t work out. I was never there to give our romance a chance. We worked different hours, lived in different houses and as I only had Sundays off, we didn’t have time for each other. 

It’s understandable that other women can get jealous or worried – we’re stripping in front of hundreds of women – but we’re good guys. 

With a lot of reassurance you can have a healthy relationship.

The Dreamboys’ audience includes elderly women, raucous hen parties and married mums
Drunk women throw undies onto the stage and flash the boys their boobs

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