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Easter Sunday revellers let their hair down and hit the town on night out to celebrate Bank Holiday long weekend

EASTER Sunday revellers enjoyed another night on the town as the long Bank Holiday stretched into its third day.

Brits glammed themselves across the UK, as partygoers celebrated the festive weekend in style.

Revellers enjoying their night out in Birmingham on Sunday night[/caption]
The Easter bank holiday festivities were in full swing in Leeds[/caption]
A woman in Leeds added some festive Easter bunny ears to her outfit[/caption]

Bars and pubs up and down the country were packed as revellers took advantage of the boozy festivities.

Hoards of brits were seen queued up outside venues as hundreds of partygoers kicked off their night.

The rain didn’t put a dampener on festivities, with ladies in Leeds dressed to the nines in glam dresses and heels.

Some added cute Easter bunny ears with their stunning outfits for extra fun.

And, when the high heels proved too difficult to party in, stumbling pals were spotted giving each other piggy backs.

There were huge groups donning Easter accessories from bunny ears to full-on costumes, including 70s style dresses.

Hen and stag dos were also out on the lash, as they made the most of the extra long weekend.

Others opted for a more casual look, rocking jeans and jackets to shield from the Easter Sunday showers.

A group of mates enjoying the long weekend in Leeds[/caption]
More excited partygoers in Newcastle City Centre
There were loved up displays in the city centre

Meanwhile, more weather-optimistic partygoers who ditched the coats and umbrellas resorted to using their handbags as covers.

More glam scenes were spotted in Newcastle City Centre, as women hit the town in their best gear.

Groups of gals were seen laughing as they welcomed in the third day of celebrations.

There were loved up displays as revellers were swept off their feet amid the festive spirit.

Birmingham lads joined in with the Easter theme and sported some bunny ears.

As revellers partied into the early hours they were seen grabbing fast food to see off the home-stretch of their three-day party .

Partygoers kept up the energy from Saturday evening, when groups went out to celebrate.

The weather held up as Brits took to towns across Britain to get into the Bank Holiday spirit.

Women in Newcastle seemed to opt for smart party frocks matched with high heels while many lads got dressed up.

While further south in Birmingham, one woman matched her black dress with Easter bunny ears and others matched their outfits with cowboy hats.

Many drinkers over in Nottingham also got into the party spirit and donned Comic Con fancy dress costumes as there is a convention currently being held in the city Centre.

Glam girls in Leeds enjoying their night out[/caption]
Ladies in Leeds donning some 70s style fancy dress[/caption]
The rain didn’t deter revellers in Leeds[/caption]
A huge group out in Birmingham celebrating with some fancy dress[/caption]
Partygoers in Leeds trying to shelter from the drizzles[/caption]
Lads in Birmingham enjoying their Easter night out on the town in bunny ears[/caption]

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Danielle Serdachny scores OT goal to lift Canada to 6-5 win over US in women’s hockey world final — latest news 24/7. You can add your news instantly now — here

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