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NFL Signature Sneakers Over the Years: From J.J. Watt’s Reebok Shoes to Patrick Mahomes’ Adidas Collaboration

Since 1985, players across the 32 NFL teams have been granted a chance to create a signature shoe. Top brands like Nike, Adidas and Reebok have worked with hall of famers like Brett Farve’s to create a shoe that embodies their commitment and passion to the sport. Many have chosen to represent their teams by correlating colorways or pay homage to their hometown or teams through detailing.  

As the 2023-2024 NFL season comes to a close on Sunday with the Super Bowl LVIII, FN looks at NFL player’s signature shoes through the years, from Bo Jackson’s Nike Air shoes to Patrick Mahomes’ Adidas cleats.

Bo Jackson’s Nike Air Bo Turf Shoes

Bo Jackson, Nike, sneakers
The 2022 model of Bo Jackson’s Nike Air Bo Turf.Flight Club

In 1990, former Los Angeles Raiders player Bo Jackson debuted his first signature sneaker with Nike, a low-top sneaker designed for baseball and football. Nike modernized the set in 2022 with a red, black and white colorway and Jackson’s jersey number “34” on the back. The original pair’s retail price is unknown, however, the iteration was priced at $140.

Deion Sanders’s Nike Air Diamond Turf Shoes

Deion Sanders, Nike, sneakers
The 2005 model of Deion Sanders’s Nike Air Diamond Turf.StockX

In 1992, Deion Sanders partnered with Nike to release the Nike Air Diamond Turf shoes. Equally, the sneaker was marketed as a football and baseball shoe, commemorating the athlete’s dual-sport career. The San Francisco 49ers cornerback’s first signature shoe featured a red, black and white colorway.

Dan Marino’s Nike Air Speed Turf Max Shoes

Dan Marino, signature shoe, Nike
The 2018 model of Dan Marino’s Nike Air Speed Turf Max.StockX

In 1995, Dan Marino teamed up with Nike to debut his signature sneaker. The Nike Air Speed Turf Max features a black and white colorway with accents of teal and orange, paying tribute to his time as the Miami Dolphins quarterback. The sneakers were rereleased in 2018, retailing for $140. 

Keyshawn Johnson’s Adidas Originals EQT Key Trainer Shoes

Keyshawn Johnson, Adidas, sneakers
The 2014 edition of Keyshawn Johnson’s Adidas Originals EQT Key TrainerGoat

Keyshawn Johnson was the first player to make an NFL debut in his signature shoe. After spending six months with Adidas, the New York Jets wide receiver and the footwear brand released the Adidas Originals EQT Key Trainer Shoes in 1996. Although it’s unknown how much the set retailed for that year, the brand re-released the original colorway in 2014 for $130. 

Emmitt Smith’s Reebok Classics ES22 Shoes

Emmitt Smith, Reebok, signature shoe
The 2023 edition of Emmitt Smith’s Reebok Classics ES22Reebok

Emmitt Smith debuted his signature shoe with Reebok in 1997. After years of promoting other footwear models for the brand, the Dallas Cowboys running back created the Reebok Classics ES22 sneakers. The trainers featured a visible honeycomb-patterned cushioning. Although the original 1997 price is unknown, the brand released a 2023 edition with the original blue colorway and retailed it for $180.

Brett Favre’s Nike Air Zoom Jet Mid Shoes

Brett Favre, Nike, sneakers
Brett Favre’s Nike Air Zoom Jet Mid.Roots BK

Brett Favre and Nike first released the Air Zoom Jet Mid sneakers in 1997. The Green Bay Packers quarterback’s signature shoe featured a white and black colorway with a wavy teal panel along the side of the upper. The leather cleats were originally retailed for $120. The athletic apparel brand dropped a retro version of the set in 2013. 

Jerome Bettis’ Nike Total Air Bus Max Shoes

Jerome Bettis, signature shoe, Nike
Jerome Bettis’ Nike Total Air Bus Max.Goat

Jerome Bettis’ first signature shoe hit the market in 1998. Named after his nickname, The Bus, the Nike Total Air Bus Max shoes were built with a bulky construction with a Tuned Air unit throughout the midsole. The Pittsburgh Steelers’ running back’s sneaker retailed for $139.99. 

Michael Vick’s Nike Zoom Vick 1 Shoes

Michael Vick, Nike, sneakers
Michael Vick’s Nike Zoom Vick 1.Flight Club

Dropped in December of 2003, Michael Vick debuted his signature shoe: the Nike Zoom Vick 1. The Atlanta Falcons quarterback partnered with E. Scott Morris to create a black and red colorway with a stabilizing band, inspired by a motorcycle’s clutch since the designer believed Vick was one on the field. 

Cam Newton’s Under Armour Highlight Trainer Shoes

Cam Newton, Under Armour, trainers
Cam Newton’s Under Armour Highlight Trainer.Flight Club

A year after being the #1 draft pick in 2011, Cam Newton partnered with Under Armour to release his first signature shoe. Mimicking the Carolina Panthers’ colorway, the blue and black high-top trainers hit the retail market in December of 2012 for $150.

Darrelle Revis’s Nike Zoom Revis Shoes

Darrelle Revis, Nike, sneakers
Darrelle Revis’s Nike Zoom Revis.StockX

In 2012, Darrelle Revis became the only cornerback, aside from Barry Sanders, to create a signature shoe with Nike. The Nike Zoom Revis had details inspired by the New York Jets’ cornerback life like the brand’s Flywire technology, used to represent the cables supporting bridges in New York and Revis’ hometown of Pittsburgh. The original Jets colorway retailed for $130.

Robert Griffin III’s Adidas RG3 Energy Boost Shoes

Robert Griffin III, Adidas, sneakers
Robert Griffin III’s Adidas RG3 Energy Boost.Goat

Adidas recruited Robert Griffin III before he entered the NFL, making it only right they co-created the RG3 Energy Boost shoes. First debuted during a Thursday night game, the Washington Redskins’ quarterback signature cleat was released in July of 2014 in a black and white geometric colorway. The shoe retailed for $140. 

Richard Sherman’s Nike Lunar TR1 Shoes

Richard Sherman, Nike, shoes
Richard Sherman’s Nike Lunar TR1.StockX

Richard Sherman partnered with Nike to create his first signature shoe. The Nike Lunar TR 1 sneakers were released in December 2014 in a Seattle Seahawks-inspired colorway in navy, white, green, and gray. The former cornerback’s sneakers retailed for $120.  

Victor Cruz’s Nike Air Trainer Cruz Shoes

Victor Cruz, Nike, shoes
Victor Cruz’s Nike Air Trainer Cruz.StockX

Released in November of 2015, Victor Cruz released his first signature shoe with Nike. The New York Giants wide receiver created the Nike Air Trainer Cruz with a Timberland boot-inspired beige nubuck upper with black and red detailing. The first pair of Victor Cruz’s partnership with Nike retailed for $150.

J.J. Watt’s Reebok JJ 1 Shoes

reebok, jj watt, blue sneakers
J.J. Watt’s Reebok JJ 1.Courtesy of Reebok.

In June of 2016, J.J. Watt was added to the very short list of defensive NFL players who have a signature shoe. The first sneaker of his now successful line, the Reebok JJ 1, was created for high-intensity workouts, the exercises the Houston Texans’ defensive end is known for. The white and red set retailed for $100.

Russell Wilson’s Nike the Dangeruss Wilson 1 Shoes

Nike, Russell Wilson, shoes
Russell Wilson’s Nike Dangeruss Wilson 1.Nike

In 2018, Nike revealed Russell Wilson’s first signature sneaker, the Dangeruss Wilson 1. The black high-top silhouette included a visible Air Max unit along the sole. In July, the Denver Broncos’ quarterback’s sneakers retailed for $130, around the same time Nike unveiled Wilson’s signature logo as the brand’s NFL ambassador.

Victor Cruz’s Pierre Hardy V.C.I Shoes

Pierre Hardy, Victor Cruz, shoes
Pierre Hardy x Victor Cruz V.C.I. “1996.”Pierre Hardy

In May 2019, Victor Cruz released another signature shoe with Pierre Hardy. The two came together to create a sneaker in three colorways with each representing a different part of Cruz’s career. The New York Giants player’s Pierre Hardy V.C.I sneaker retailed for $795. 

Walter Payton’s KangaROOS Ultimate Memory of 34 Shoes

Walter Payton, KangaROOS, shoes
Walter Payton’s KangaRoos Ultimate Memory of 34.StockX

Walter Payton and KangaRoos paid homage to the Chicago Bears running back’s career with the Ultimate Memory of 34 sneakers. The leather shoes featured a colorblock design including panels constructed using Horween leather construction, the same used to make NFL footballs. The signature shoes were released in February of 2020 for $320. 

Patrick Mahomes’ Adidas Mahomes 1.0 FLX Shoes

Patrick Mahomes, Adidas, sneakers
Patrick Mahomes’ Adidas Mahomes 1.0 FLX.

Patrick Mahomes’ first signature shoe, the Adidas Mahomes 1.0 FLX, was released in July of 2021. Retailed at $130, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback created his pair to grab attention on and off the field with a vibrant solar green colorway. Within less than an hour of being released, the low-top mesh set sold out.

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