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Kate Garraway has found comfort in her work after the loss of her husband… we should all be happy for her

WHEN Kate Garraway returned to Good Morning Britain less than a week after her husband Derek Draper’s funeral, she bravely said that “life must start again”.

She explained to the viewers: “I don’t know how it’s going to be. Grief isn’t containable in a day or year.

Editorial use only Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock (14338426ae) Kate Garraway 'Good Morning Britain' TV show, London, UK - 09 Feb 2024
Thankfully, Kate Garraway has had the strength to hit back at those who’ve trolled her for returning to work soon after the death of hubby Derek Draper
Rex Features
Editorial use only Mandatory Credit: Photo by James Gourley/ITV/REX (10495119p) Derek Draper and Kate Garraway 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' TV Show, Kate Garraway at the Versace Hotel, Series 19, Australia - 08 Dec 2019
Kate says she loves to laugh as it reminds her of the joy she had with Derek
Rex Features

“People ask why I’m going back to work. We have to pick ourselves up and go on. That’s what Derek would want me to do.”

And Derek probably knew her better than anybody.

He probably knew that keeping busy, being with her work friends and finding comfort in a job that she clearly loves so much would be exactly what his grief-stricken widow needs right now.

But still cruel online trolls have attacked her.

Some have slammed her for laughing and having fun on screen and others for even daring to go back to work so soon.

Deeply personal

Thankfully, Kate had the strength to hit back at those vile keyboard warriors, telling viewers: “I got a bit of flack on social media yesterday for laughing with you, as though that would imply I didn’t care.

“But when you laugh you’re laughing because you want the joy that person brought to ­continue.”

The death of a loved one will sadly be something every one of us will suffer.

And each of us will deal with it in a very different way.

Some of us will throw ­ourselves into work for the ­distraction. Others find the thought unbearable for days, weeks or months.

There is surely no right or wrong for such a deeply ­personal thing.

When my mum died I didn’t return to the office for three weeks.

When the Geordie’s mum passed away last month he was back in the office within three days.

I know that there is no difference in the love we shared for each of them or the grief we actually felt.

But we have dealt with the aftermath of death very, very differently.

And maybe in hindsight he, just like Kate, has managed to do the right thing.

Because those who can drag themselves into work and use that employment as therapy to keep busy and fight off the raw, intense, overwhelming heartbreaking grief for a few hours a day are actually the lucky ones.

That job is giving them respite, forcing them to take their mind off the emotional turmoil and horrid, heartbreaking reality back at home.

Kate admitted she was crying as she had her make-up done before going on screen, but said that it was still “lovely” to be back at work.

Her life has been turned upside down.

Derek was 56. She has two children who have lost their father, but she has found some comfort in the ­routine and ­stability of work. We should all be happy for her.

And maybe those who have criticised should stop and have a good, long think about how they would really cope when their time comes.


PAEDOPHILE Gary Glitter has just had a parole hearing less than a year after he was recalled to prison for breaching his licence conditions.

He was freed in February 2023, halfway through his jail term for historical sexual abuse of three schoolgirls.

BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE Undated Metropolitan Police handout photo of paedophile glam rock singer Gary Glitter who is due to be sentenced for a string of historic sex attacks on three schoolgirls. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Friday February 27, 2015. The 70-year-old will appear at Southwark Crown Court where he is facing a maximum of life in prison after being found guilty of having sex with a girl under the age of 13. He was also convicted of one count of attempted rape and four counts of indecent assault after a three week trial in which he firmly denied the allegations. One girl was younger than 10 years old when he crept into her bed and tried attacked her in 1975. Glitter attacked two of his victims, aged 12 and 13, after inviting them backstage to his dressing room and isolating them from their mothers. The 12-year-old, who had been drinking Moet champagne, was also taken to his hotel room before he subjected her to a prolonged episode of sexual abuse and had sex with her in 1977. Towards the end of the decade he struck again, sliding his hand up the 13-year-old girl's skirt as she sat on his lap in his dressing room. Glitter is due to be sentenced by Judge Alistair McCreath, who remanded him in custody after the verdicts last month. See PA story COURTS Glitter. Photo credit should read: Metropolitan Police/PA Wire
The best way of cutting the eye-watering cost of our parole system is to stop perverts like Gary Glitter from getting a hearing until they show some remorse
Metropolitan Police

The serial sex offender was sent back to prison six weeks later after The Sun on Sunday caught him discussing searches on the dark web.

Glitter has failed to take part in any programmes to address his offending because he continues to deny having a sexual interest in children.

Surely something needs to be done about our parole system.

The latest figures show it cost £62million over five years for criminals – including murderers and rapists – to pointlessly try to get out of jail.

That’s more than £10million a year that taxpayers like you and me are coughing up for.

The perfect way to bring that bill down is to stop perverts like Glitter from being allowed a hearing until they finally show some actual remorse.

lIT seems one man’s tasty treat is another’s “corporate irresponsibility”.

Ex-health minister Lord Bethell has slammed Domino’s for its new Creme Egg cookie, saying the chain should be “ashamed of themselves”.

Thursday 8th February 2024: Calling all cookie fans – the ultimate sweet treat is here, and it’s destined to be love at first bite! Ahead of Valentine’s Day, Domino’s has coupled up with Cadbury’s to launch the brand new ‘Domino’s Cookies made with Cadbury Creme Egg’, which fans can get their hands on nationwide from Monday 12th February., ,  , , The limited edition ‘egg-stra’ special cookie sees Domino’s cookie dough stuffed with a whole Cadbury Creme Egg before being baked to perfection. The partnership has been a labour of love, two years in the making, between the nation's best loved pizza company and legendary chocolatier, resulting in a warm, heavenly, gooey Creme Egg Centre that oozes out with every bite., ,  , , Customers will find the perfect date night dessert – with two cookies in each box this mouth-watering treat is sure to make hearts flutter with its irresistible allure., ,  , , Louise Pilkington, Director of Innovation at Domino’s said: "This Valentine’s Day, we invite you to fall in love all over again with our limited-edition Domino’s Cookies made with Cadbury Creme Egg., ,  , , “The egg-citing partnership sees us pair our iconic cookies with the gooey goodness of Creme Egg, creating a decadently delicious love child of the two brands. So goo on… order a Domino’s and tantalise your tastebuds this Valentine’s Day.”, ,  , , Domino’s Cookies made with Cadbury Creme Egg will be available to order online, through the Domino’s app and in Domino’s stores across the nation, but you’ll have to be quick as the limited-edition item is only available from Monday 12th February until Monday 8th April.
What’s not to love about this tasty Creme Egg cookie?

Oh stop it.

What’s not to love?

WE all know that shoplifting is out of control.

And everything from baby milk to painkillers is being nicked from supermarkets as villains cash in by selling them on.

But the tale of Kieton Pearson, who was jailed this week, is baffling.

He stole 22 packs of Lurpak butter worth £95 from a Sunderland Tesco while serving a suspended prison sentence for attempting to steal cheese during a violent shop raid.

The dairy-loving thief admitted to pinching the butter – his 72nd offence.

Clearly a slippery customer.

Ooops, I did it with Ben

HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 24: Britney Spears attends the 4th Hollywood Beauty Awards on February 25, 2018 in Hollywood, California.(Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage)
Britney Spears seems to have only just remembered that she once ‘made out’ with film star Ben Affleck
Britney Spears
Her Instagram post makes you wonder how many other A-listers she’s forgotten about snogging

BRITNEY Spears took to Instagram this week as she had a sudden flashback and remembered she once “made out” with Ben Affleck.

Apparently she completely “forgot” that it ever happened and her memory was only jogged by an unearthed photo of them together.

Which makes you wonder how many other A-listers she has simply forgotten she made out with.


WHAT a proper little madam the Earl of Cromer’s daughter is.

Lady Venetia (yes, really) Baring spoke to posh mag Tatler, giving juicy anecdotes about her granny, the Dowager Countess of Cromer, who was a lady-in-waiting to the late Queen.

Lady Venetia Baring, https://www.instagram.com/p/CQqz-XZB3DY/?hl=en&img_index=1
Lady Venetia Baring has shown what a proper little madam she is with the royal gossip she gave to posh mag Tatler

She claims the dowager told her just how much the Queen didn’t like Princess Diana, leading to her father calling her a liar.

During the interview she also claimed to be so discreet that her friends don’t even know she has a “title”.

I doubt that very, very much, Venetia.


THE fallout between the wife of the late “King of Sheffield”, “Big Willy” Collins and Sheffield City Council is like something from Peaky Blinders.

The council says his gravestone is different to the design submitted. The marble memorial is huge, with two life-sized statues of the 6ft 2in former bare-knuckle boxer, and a solar-powered jukebox.

FILE PHOTO - The memorial in Shiregreen Cemetery is to the head of traveller family and 'King of Sheffield' Willy Collins. Photo released February 8 2024. See SWNS story SWLNgrave. Britain's 'biggest headstone' which weighs 37 tonnes and features a solar-powered jukebox remains standing two years after it was erected - despite breaking planning law.The expansive monument was built on the grave of bare-knuckle boxer Willy Collins, dubbed the traveller 'King of Sheffield', who died on holiday aged 29 in 2020.The marble gravestone, adorned with Irish flags and featuring two life-sized statues ofBig Willy's six-foot-two frame, was unveiled in March 2022.But it sparked a row between the council and his family, including widow Kathleen who threatened 'war' if it was pulled down.
The spat between ‘Big Willy’ Collins’ wife and Sheffield City Council sounds like something out of Peaky Blinders
Scott Merrylees / SWNS

His charming wife Kathleen threatens “very bad riots” and a “war” if they try to demolish it.

To be fair, I’m not surprised she’s a bit gutted.

It cost about £200,000, which is not the kind of money anybody would want to chuck away.


Авдеевская катастрофа и разгром генштаба ВСУ

6 Tips & Tricks To Get Instant Respect

Ожидается, что строительство двух новых гостиничных комплексов позволит динамично развивать туристическую индустрию в регионе

5 Reasons Eating Healthy is Making You Fatter

Signs Someone Is Falling In Love With You


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