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Binos Fall Short in 1-0 Derby Duel

Stirling Albion fell to a 1-0 defeat to rivals Alloa at the Indodrill Stadium, with the goal coming from Taylor Steven in the 54th minute.


Stirling Albion kicked the game off and looked determined to put Tuesdays defeat to Montrose behind them as they attacked right from the off, putting pressure on the Alloa defence.


The first real test came eight minutes in when Alloa’s Taylor Steven exploited a gap in the Stirling Albion defence and went one-on-one with Blair Currie. However, the wingers chipped attempt sailed behind the goal.


Moments later, Dale Hilson nearly capitalised on a loose ball passed back to the Alloa keeper, as PJ Morrison attempted to hoof the ball up the park, it would hit off Hilson and nearly go into the net, just sailing over the hosts crossbar.


Lewis Milne’s free kick at the 14-minute mark forced a save from PJ Morrison in the Alloa goal. A cross from Dale Carrick would also find Hilson inside the Alloa box just moments later but Hilson’s header would send the ball over the bar.


Despite this period of dominance from the Binos, Alloa began to find their feet around the 25th minute and would launch a series of attacks toward the Stirling net. Yet, the breakthrough wouldn’t come for either side as both sides struggled to convert their chances and get an opener.


Half-Time: 0-0


The second half saw Alloa emerge from the tunnel and maintain their attacking threat. The hosts efforts would eventually pay off in the 54th minute as Taylor Steven cut inside and sent a curling shot into the top left hand of the net, past Blair Currie’s reach.


In response to this, Stirling began to ramp up their efforts, with Jack Leitch and Dale Carrick orchestrating several offensive attacks on the Alloa backline.


In the latter stages of the game, the Binos would launch absolutely everything at the Alloa defence in an attempt to salvage a point from the match. Josh Cooper and Greig Spence were introduced from the bench to inject some more energy into the match.


Several bookings were handed out in the match’s closing stages, including a yellow card for Alloa gaffer, Andy Graham.


Josh Cooper would get a shot away after jinking through the Alloa defence on the left side of the box, but his attempt would agonisingly go wide.


The winger also managed to get a volley on target after he was left unmarked in the middle of the box, but the equaliser still would not come, as the match ended 1-0 to the hosts.


Alloa Athletic: Morrison, Sutherland (Roy 84’), Neill, Taggart, Robertson, Virtanen, Roberts, Coulson (Buchanan 73’), Scougall (O’Donnell 73’), Steven (Donnelly 84’), Wales


Subs: Ogayi, Graham, O’Donnell, Mullen, Cawley, Donnelly, Buchanan, Sammon, Roy



Stirling Albion: Currie, McGeachie, McLean, McGregor, Crane, Carrick (Spence 77’), Leitch, Moore (Offord 78’), Banner, Milne (Cooper 64’), Hilson


Subs: Weir, Cummins, Dunsmore, Wilson, Offord, Miller, Cooper, Spence, Clark

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Beyond Nassau & Freeport: Unveiling the Bahamas’ Top 10 Cruising Gems

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