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I popped a painting that took me 20 minutes to do on Facebook Marketplace – it sold for £395, people are so delusional

A SOCIAL media user has managed to earn hundreds of pounds after selling ‘art’ she created herself.

Lora, who is not a professional artist, spent 20 minutes painting a black and white 6ft tall canvas before putting it on Facebook Marketplace.

Lora, who is not a professional artist, wanted to see if she could sell a piece of work she made up herself[/caption]

She first listed it on the site for $550 – £435 – with the description which read: ‘Custom original 72×40 canvas wall art.’ 

After one week, she decided to update the description by adding ‘not a print,’ which she said made a difference with interest from customers. 

The painting, which was sold within two and half weeks, was painted by Lora on her living room floor. 

She decided to share her news on her TikTok page, and she has since gone viral. 

Talking to the camera about her painting, she said: “I thought this painting was ugly, but this is a lesson on being f***ing delusional. 

“I posted this on Facebook Marketplace and I sold it for $500.”

Because the painting was big, the materials were “a little expensive,” and she had spent around $200 – £150 – on the canvas and paint. 

After finishing the artwork, she said she decided to post it on Facebook Marketplace and expressed to buyers that it was “designed by a local artist.” 

Lora then went on to explain how she wasn’t lying about that statement, and she is now a “local artist from her hometown.” 

The buyer originally offered $450 – £356 – for the painting, but they both came to a deal of $500 after Lora offered to deliver it herself.

Whilst driving to the buyers home, Lora wasn’t convinced that the sale would go through as she couldn’t believe anyone was going to pay that sort of money for her art.

Lora said: “I drove up to their house, [It was a] beautiful, beautiful home. 

“Her [the buyer’s] dad came out, [and] she came out.

“They took it out of the car and they were looking at it saying ‘wow’ and she paid me.”

Stunned that she sold the painting, which “only took me 20 minutes,” Lora tried to do similar again and repaint another piece of art.

However, this time round she is struggling to sell it. 

Lora painted the canvas on her living room floor[/caption]

The video has gathered over 8.3 million views, with over 4,000 people rushing to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

One wrote: “One thing about rich people, they love artwork; of any kind.”

Another added: “One thing about rich people, they love artwork; of any kind.”

A third said: “I think maybe you’re an artist now.”

How to teach yourself to paint

  • Buy the supplies: Choose artist quality for the best results, and get yourself a primary colour palette – red, yellow, and blue paint tubes. Add a white tube to help with mixing. With these colours you can learn to mix a version of every other colour.
  • Start researching: You can access free online videos, or read through ‘how-to’ books to learn the basic ways that artists start a painting.
  • Turn it into life: Experts recommend painting from real objects rather than photographs. It will help you to see the different dimensions, rather than a flat picture.
  • Personal preference: Learn about what you want to paint, and go for it. Notice what type of method suits you best and work on your strengths. 
  • Set goals: Make it your goal to perfect your skills, and learn from your mistakes. Take your time, and don’t get frustrated.
  • Celebrate: Experts believe that when you look at your paintings, make a point of finding something that is working and congratulate yourself on the success. It may be as simple as loving your brush stroke, or perfecting the colour.

Many complemented her work, and could understand why the buyer spent that much money on the piece.

One wrote: “Nah I see it, it looks like a good contemporary piece.”

Another added: “Ok but it actually looks kinda interesting.” 

How does Facebook Marketplace work?

Facebook Marketplace is an ad section of the social media platform which allows individuals and businesses to sell items locally.

Facebook members are able to buy and sell products there, similar to other online stores like eBay and Vinted.

It doesn’t cost anything for individuals to sell, and there’s no fee to join the channel. 

If you operate as a merchant, there is a five per cent fee on all transactions, with a minimum charge of $0.40.

One thing about rich people, they love artwork; of any kind

TikTok user

Individuals must take precautions when buying and selling items, as you may end up losing money so it is recommended to use a secure payment method such as PayPal.

To begin your buying or selling journey, individuals will have to set up a Facebook Marketplace account, simply by logging into your personal Facebook account and clicking on the Marketplace icon. 

Then create the listing, set up a delivery method, promote your listing and communicate with buyers to finalise the sale.


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Drawing A Heart Flower For Mother's Day - Preschool

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