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Prince Harry must realise he has to apologise to William and King Charles… but I doubt he will, says Royal expert

A ROYAL expert has told how Prince Harry must realise he has to apologise to both King Charles and Prince William.

But writer and broadcaster Robert Jobson told The Sun he doubts the embattled prince will say sorry.

Prince Harry owes his father an apology, says royal expert Robert Jobson[/caption]
His brother Prince William should also get an apology too, the author says[/caption]

The Sun’s Royal Editor Matt Wilkinson and writer and broadcaster Robert Jobson have analysed Harry‘s strained relationship with his family.

The author told The Sun: “Come on Harry, you’re not a baby, it’s time for you to be a liege man.

“You don’t have to do the Royal engagements. You don’t have to do any of that.

“What you need to do is stop the nonsense, getting the cheap publicity, and act responsibly.”

He added: “I think now, he most realise that he owes his father an apology. He owes his brother an apology.

“If he wants William to do the same then fine. William probably would do that, I think, in private.

“But it might get released – ‘William has apologised to me’.”

Jobson also delved into the reality that William, 41, and Harry, 39, need to “grow up” and look after their father King Charles, 75.

He said the two brothers need to end their rift – and that Harry should stop “playing up for cheap publicity”.

Jobson said: “Any apologies should happen privately. ‘I’m sorry about what I said, you’re sorry about what you said. Draw a line under it’.

“Anybody who has lost a parent suddenly grows up quite quickly after it.

“While they’re alive, you’ve still got that paternal bond where they can sort it all out for you. 

“Once your parent passes, you’ve got to get on with it. This is proof that the King is not indestructible, he’s a human being.

“He’s been there for them all this time, through the loss of their mum. 

“It’s time for payback now. It’s time for them to grow up and be men, not Diana’s boys.”

In a wide-ranging interview, the pair also examined how Harry has been evicted from his home and snubbed at King Charles’ coronation.

How Charles bravely revealed diagnosis to help others

KING Charles has bravely broken with royal protocol by sharing his cancer diagnosis.

Senior royals have in past been tight-lipped about their health battles.

The last top royal diagnosed with cancer was Charles’s grandfather George VI.

Heavy smoker George had his left lung removed for “structural abnormalities” in September 1951, months before he died.

The “abnormalities” were actually a life-threatening carcinoma, but the public never learned about George’s cancer ordeal.

Buckingham Palace said Charles wanted to share his cancer diagnosis to boost “public understanding” for cancer patients worldwide.

The royal expert also claimed that Prince Harry’s transatlantic dash has made people fear Charles’s condition is even worse and “stirs the royal pot”,

Harry flew thousands of miles from his California home on Tuesday to be at the King’s side following his shock cancer diagnosis.

He met with his father for around half an hour at Clarence House, in their first face-to-face encounter for 16 months.

There was no meeting between Harry and William, who have not spoken for more than a year.

Inside Charles’s 30-minute reunion with Harry after King delayed helicopter to Sandringham so he could welcome his son

KING Charles spent 30 ­minutes with estranged son Harry — their first meeting in 16 months.

The Duke flew 5,000 miles from the US to London after his dad’s cancer diagnosis.

The Duke of Sussex, 39, landed at Heathrow at lunchtime following a ten-and-a-half hour overnight flight.

He was whisked to London while Charles, 75, delayed a helicopter flight to Sandringham so they could hold their first meeting in 16 months.

The King was said to be “doing very well” and “entirely his normal self”.

A friend who saw His Majesty said: “If you didn’t know there was anything wrong with him you wouldn’t know.”

Another Palace source said the King was “on his usual good form”, and “just a little frustrated that his condition has affected not just his own plans but impacted on others”.

Harry was pictured arriving at London Heathrow for his flight back at 1.30pm on Wednesday – just 26 hours after landing.

Jobson added the rift between Harry and Queen Camilla could be the reason the prince’s meeting with Charles was so short.

He said: “The Queen was with the King. Let’s be honest – he wasn’t too complimentary about Queen Camilla in his book Spare.

The author also claimed that King Charles would “never abdicate” the throne and step aside for Prince William.

Robert, who penned Our King: The Man and the Monarch Revealed, said: “One thing I would say, absolutely, I don’t think there will ever be an abdication.

“I know I’ve heard people talking about that, and pundits just, it’s a no, no, there’s no need to, we have a statute for a regency, so we don’t need anybody to abdicate.”

In his first comments since King Charles’s cancer diagnosis and Kate’s abdominal op, Wills told well-wishers in London on Wednesday: “We really appreciate everyone’s kind messages. Thank you.”

The Prince of Wales ­returned to frontline royal duties three weeks after wife Kate, 42, underwent abdominal surgery.

Any apology should take place privately, the royal author claims[/caption]
King Charles has always been there for his two sons and now they should rally behind their father, Jobson says[/caption]

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