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I’m 47 and my eyes were looking like crusty the crab in the morning – a Fenty makeup buy gives a great blurring effect

A BEAUTY guru in her late forties has been left wowed by a Fenty product that smooths crepey skin around the eyes.

She spoke candidly about having previously struggled to prevent creasing under her eyes when applying makeup. 

Erica Taylor took to TikTok to recommend a beauty product that smooths undereyes
TikTok / ericataylor2347
Erica decided to go to Sephora after waking up with crusty eyes
TikTok / ericataylor2347

Erica Taylor (@ericataylor2347) boasts over 1.4 million followers on TikTok, where she shares beauty tips.

The makeup artist of over 25 years was excited as she held up a product that she recently found.

“If you’ve got some undereye concealer creasing issues, I’ve found us something,” she said.

“I apologize in advance for making you spend your money and if you don’t want to buy it you better just scroll.

“But if you have creasing under your eyes and don’t know what to put on before the concealer this is the Fenty Beauty Flash Nap,” she said holding up the product.

Erica revealed she found the eye gel cream after visiting a newly opened Sephora location.

She browsed the shelves in the hopes of finding a beauty product that offered something “different” to everything she already owned.

“In the morning I noticed that my eyes were looking like crusty the crab, like a crustification, mummification around the eyes.

“I’m 47 and wasn’t digging it, so I was like let me scroll the wall to find something new.

“It’s an eye cream gel but it’s made to be an amazing under concealer prep. 

“I test it out today, get a little closer,” she said zooming into her eyes. 

“It did not play, alright. 

“I put this on first, before my concealer. It instantly feels cooling and smoothing.”

Erica used her fingers to apply the Fenty Beauty Flash Nap Instant Revival Priming eye gel cream, which costs $44 from Sephora.

She then applied Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch longwear liquid concealer, which is available from the retailer for  $30.

“I still did my regular eye treatment first,” she said. “For me, I’m using this like a concealer prep.

Fenty Beauty Flash Nap Instant Revival Priming eye gel cream is available from Sephora for $44
TikTok / ericataylor2347

“I’ve been experimenting with the Fenty Beauty concealer, which I like, but I feel like this eye prep would work with any of your concealers.

“It blended in, it smoothed and it had this really blurring effect,” she raved about the eye gel cream. 

Erica said she still gets texture around her eyes if she smiles but the product doesn’t “nestle itself” into the skin.

She predicted that it would sell out because it’s so effective for reducing creasing under the eyes on mature skin.

Over 13,500 people liked the video and hundreds of viewers took to the comment section saying they would be trying the products for themselves.

“I legit just went and ordered after watching this,” one person wrote.

“Dang it Erica! You’ve never done me wrong, guess I’m spending money!” another commented.

“Fenty Beauty products never fail to impress me,” a third chimed in.

“Girl, you keep Sephora in business! I can’t wait to try it,” another added. 

TikTok / ericataylor2347
Erica said her undereyes ‘instantly’ cooled and smoothed when she applied the eye gel cream[/caption]
Erica said Fenty Beauty Flash Nap Instant Revival Priming eye gel cream can be used as a prep for any concealer
TikTok / ericataylor2347
Erica was impressed by how the eye gel cream prevented creasing under her eyes after applying concealer
TikTok / ericataylor2347

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