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Where to Drink and Dine During New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has never just been about the designer shows. Since its conception, NYFW has become an opportunity for the city to showcase what makes New York so special—whether that be a new boutique, a classic museum exhibit, a buzzy party or a signature restaurant menu. It is also a social extravaganza, as the fashion world descends upon New York to experience the best of the city. To make the most of it, it is important to select your destinations, particularly your wining and dining reservations, carefully. Here is your list of what spots to set your sights on right now. 

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  • 324 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012

For model-approved cocktails, look no further than KYU.  This Noho hotspot, led by chef Christopher Arellanes, serves Asian wood-fired cuisine, and has welcomed Hailey Bieber, Justin Bieber and Timothee Chalamet. If you want to splurge, order the prix-fixe menu with a bottle of sake.

KYU interior. KYU NYC


  • The James Hotel, 88 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016

In NoMad, models and fashion week enthusiasts can often be found dining at Scarpetta. This Italian eatery first opened in 2008, and has since earned a James Beard nomination and expanded around the globe. The menus boast an array of signature cocktails as well as their famous spaghetti, tomato and basil and Sunday brunches.

Scarpetta’s signature cocktails. Scarpetta

Le Jardinier

  •  610 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10022

Rooted in elegance and refined french style, Le Jardinier is at the forefront of vegetable-driven cuisine. Along with signature desserts and pastries, their diverse and expansive offerings are inspired by nature and what the land provides, resulting in a seasonal menu. On top of that, they have previously had NYFW menu specials, cementing it as a major dining player this season. 

Le Jardinier interior. Le Jardinier


  • 415 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10003

For a newer spot, check out Jean’s in Noho. Known for using the freshest ingredients from a local farm, the American-style cafe and cocktail bar opened in 2023 and specializes in refined dishes such as farm chicken and seared local fluke. They have also partnered with NYFW to bring together an exclusive menu item for the event—the indulgent caviar grilled cheese, made with milk bread, whipped mascarpone, Kaluga caviar, chives and a shot of cauliflower bisque shot. The accompanying lounge, which has intricate lighting, good music and a gold hand painted bar, is open Thursday through Saturday nights, and has hosted Fashion Week events in the past, with VIP guests including Emily Ratajkowski, Justin Theroux, Parker Posey and Snoop Dogg.

Jean’s. Maegan Gindi

The Nines

  • 9 Great Jones St, New York, NY 10012

If you plan ahead (or know someone with an in), you just may be able to snag a reservation at The Nines. The lounge, decked out in lush red fabrics and moody lighting, has become a sought-after destination since it opened in 2022 , and especially so during Fashion Week, with high profile guests such as Cara Delevingne and Anne Hathaway. Their menu is romantic, yet simple with signature cocktails, wines and select seafoods. Some favorites include the Scottish smoked salmon,  the dressed oysters and the caviar. If you are lucky, you may be seated right near the pianist, who plays sultry, intimate tunes every night. 

The Nines bar. Liz Clayman

Temple Bar

  • 332 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012

Temple Bar is a popular spot  with a retro, sexy atmosphere and a new partnership with NYFW. The special menu offers guests a mix of classics and new, soon-to-be favorites. Their signature drinks—Spicy Finch, Olive Oil Martini and The Gilded Age, to name a few—complement the classic bar’s small bites.

Temple Bar’s olive oil martini with caviar. Temple Bar

Gotham Restaurant

  • 12 E 12th St, New York, NY 10003

A New York fixture since the 1980s, Gotham Restaurant in the West Village is a sophisticated and classic dining experience. Along with an impressive wine list and an array of cocktails, the bar and grill also features a gallery collection with contemporary art from both established and emerging artists.

Deux Chats

  • 27 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Sometimes, after a long day working the runways, New York Fashion Week attendees just want a  relaxing, coxy place to unwind. Many head across the river to Williamsburg and kick back at Deux Chats, a neighborhood bar known for their espresso martinis, informal decor and abundant seafood towers. 

Deux Chats. Deux Chats

Jac’s on Bond

  • 26 Bond St, New York, NY 10012

If you are looking for a more historic approach to the New York cocktail scene, check out Jac’s on Bond in Noho. The classic bar is located in an 1800s townhouse, with a wild past. These days, Jac’s is known for serving unique but authentic cocktails with pictures of famous hip hop artists adorning the walls and a pool table in the back.

Jac’s on Bond. Jac’s on Bond

Café Chelsea

  • 218 W 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011 

Café Chelsea is another newer restaurant to join the NYFW ranks. Located inside the historic Chelsea Hotel, this vintage French-inspired restaurant opened during the summer of 2023 and has two dining rooms, a lounge and a sidewalk patio. With an expansive brunch, midday and dessert menu, this place is a great spot to relax in between Fashion Week events. 

Hotel Chelsea’s Café Chelsea annie schlechter

Sant Ambroeus

  • 265 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10012

Sant Ambroeus was born in Milan, but it has a long standing relationship with the fashion community of New York. Over the years, designers and brands have kicked off the runway week with dinners at this celebrated pasticceria and confetteria. Their signature dishes include vitello tonnato and Cotoletta alla Milanese. With multiple locations across Manhattan, this is a great spot to spot a celebrity and have a traditional Milanese meal.

Sant Ambroeus in Soho. Sant Ambroeus

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Top 10 Mystery TV Series of 2023

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