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Paul Merson predicts ‘bags of goals’ for Tottenham vs Brighton 

Paul Merson predicts ‘bags of goals’ for Tottenham vs Brighton 

Paul Merson expects an extremely high-scoring affair at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium tomorrow and he backed the home side to edge out Brighton.

If Tottenham are to close the gap with the sides at the top of the table, they will need to win their matches at home and Ange Postecoglou’s men will no doubt see Saturday’s fixture as one they should get three points from.

While Brighton did turn them over in the reverse fixture at the Amex Stadium back in December, the Seagulls have since struggled to string results together and have dropped down the table.

The Tottenham side which travelled to the South Coast a couple of months ago was also severely depleted due to injuries and suspensions.

In contrast, Postecoglou now has a nearly full squad to choose from following the return of Yves Bissouma and Son Heung-min this week.

Brighton and Hove Albion
Photo by SpursWeb

Tottenham vs Brighton could be a feast for the neutral

Merson believes that Son’s return could prove crucial for the Lilywhites, backing the South Korean to make the difference for the home side in the final third and help them get across the line tomorrow.

The former Arsenal midfielder told Sportskeeda: “I’m doing this game for Sky and I’m really looking forward to it. A glance at their recent results will tell you that this going to have bags of goals.

“Both sides are fun to watch, but I think I’ll have to go with Tottenham as they are definitely more consistent. Brighton blow hot and cold way too much, making them incredibly hard to predict.

“Having Son Heung-min back is going to be a massive boost for Ange Postecoglou. They’ve lacked a bit of cutting edge on the counterattack with Timo Werner and Brennan Johnson, but Son brings something entirely different with his cleverness in the final third.

“This is a big game for Tottenham as Aston Villa have hit a bit of a snag, so a win would be a massive boost to their hopes of finishing in the top four.”

Prediction: Tottenham 3-2 Brighton.

Spurs Web Opinion

There is no doubt that there are goals in this game. Given the firepower that Postecoglou can now call on from the bench after the return of some key stars over recent weeks and the last few days, I expect us to have more than enough to emerge victorious tomorrow.

The post Paul Merson predicts ‘bags of goals’ for Tottenham vs Brighton  appeared first on Spurs Web - Tottenham Hotspur Football News.


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