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‘The no pants is WILD’: Uber Eats customer confronts neighbor who took her order

Uber Eats customer confronts neighbor who took her order

A woman shared how she confronted her neighbor for stealing her Uber Eats order, only for the neighbor to deny it.

TikToker @babyyodafanaccount69 shared with her 80,000 followers, "I have a new sworn enemy after what happened to me on Saturday." The content creator said she was feeling sick on that day and ordered ramen through Uber Eats. She said after receiving the delivery notification, she opened her door, but her order wasn't there. Confused, @babyyodafanaccount69 said she checked the app, hoping to track down her missing order. She said through the delivery photo, she recognized her neighbor's porch, where her ramen was sitting on one of the chairs. 

According to the content creator, her order was missing when she got to the neighbor's house. However, she said something caught her eye through the opened blinds. "I see her unboxing my food on her coffee table. My sauces are open and laid out; she is pulling out the chopsticks," she said. Shocked, @babyyodafanaccount69 said she knocked on the door and showed her neighbor the photo of her order on their porch chair. "My food got delivered here, but I don't see it on the chair," she said. The neighbor's response? "Oh my god. This is so crazy. Like, I got a DoorDash notification that my food got delivered," they reportedly replied. 

However, the content creator said she wasn't buying it because the ramen place she ordered from wasn't on any food delivery app except Uber Eats. To add insult to injury, the neighbor allegedly lied, claiming she didn't take anything out but needed to put @babyyodafanaccount69's food in a new bag. "Why do you need to put it in a new bag if you didn't touch any of it?" the content creator asked.

She said since the neighbor's dogs were sniffing her food, she secretly didn't want it back. In fact, she said she wasn't angry with the driver for the mistake but rather with the neighbor. The content creator added that she explained everything to Uber Eats, hoping neither she nor the driver would get in trouble. She also said she wouldn't have had an issue if the neighbor hadn't lied. However, according to her, this behavior was characteristic of the "crazy" neighbor. She said the neighbor walks her dogs without wearing any pants.

"Just underwear and a tank top," she said. "It will be, like, in the middle of the day. Sometimes it's thong, sometimes it's boyshorts, sometimes it's bikini underwear."

@babyyodafanaccount69 @Uber Eats PLEASE HELP I DONT WANT THE DRIVER TO GET IN TROUBLE!!!! #greenscreen #crazyneighbor ♬ original sound - babyyodafanaccount69

The Daily Dot reached out to Uber via press email and @babyyodafanaccount69 via Instagram direct message, TikTok comment, and direct message. The video garnered over 134,000 views and left viewers surprised.

"Who eats food that was mysteriously dropped off at their house anyways," one viewer wrote.

"She didnt even wait 10 mins," a second remarked.

"The no pants is WILD," a third stated.

In addition, others shared similar stories.

"The same thing happened to me, within a second I saw my neighbor open the door and swoop my food right on in. I had no time to react," one viewer said.

"I spent 75 dollars for a full spread for my husband's birthday. Delivered to the wrong house. By the time I found it, the family had eaten most of it," a second shared.

However, this is a common occurrence. A college student got revenge on the thief who kept stealing their food deliveries. Moreover, a Walmart customer had their TV delivered to their house only to have it stolen. Lastly, a woman was caught on camera taking a neighbor's package off their doorstep.

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The post ‘The no pants is WILD’: Uber Eats customer confronts neighbor who took her order appeared first on The Daily Dot.


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