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Chicago Black Restaurant Week 2024 boasts diverse menus, ‘themed days’

Chef Lamar Moore prepares a dish at Bronzeville Winery at 4420 S. Cottage Grove Ave.

Chef Lamar Moore prepares a dish at Bronzeville Winery at 4420 S. Cottage Grove Ave. The restaurant is one of the participants in this yea’rs Black Restaurant Week

Anthony Vazquez/Sun-Times

As the city prepares for the return of Chicago Black Restaurant Week, the founder has a message to deliver to patrons: “Black people aren’t just [cooking] soul food.”

Lauran Smith, who started the initiative in 2015, emphasized the variety among the approximately 50 participating Black-owned restaurants this year. 

There is everything from New Orleans eateries and vegan joints to juice bars and popcorn shops, said Smith, 46, of the south suburbs, who works in digital marketing and editing.

“This year’s theme is, ‘we do it all and we do it well,’” she said.

From Feb. 11 - 25, select restaurants will offer specials, many of which include an appetizer, entree and dessert at a fixed price. Patrons can find the full list of participants at chiblackrestaurantweek.com

And for the first time this year, Chicago Black Restaurant Week will include “themed days” to encourage more engagement among customers. For example, Smith labeled Feb. 12 “personal care professionals” day, and Feb. 16 “small business owners” day, in hopes that those workers will go out and treat themselves to a great meal. (A full list of themes is also on the website.)

Maine Lobster Rolls with Warm Cajun Butter and White Truffle Chips at Bronzeville Winery.

As part of Chicago Black Restaurant Week, Bronzeville Winery is offering Maine Lobster Rolls with Warm Cajun Butter and White Truffle Chips for $24.

Courtesy of Chef Lamar Moore

Smith said she has seen the event drive a lot of business to restaurants, including one that quadrupled its profits one year.

“The restaurant industry is a very hard industry to maintain any type of longevity,” Smith said. “So, to be able to see that people can keep their doors open and constantly fulfill the dreams that they set out for themselves does my heart good. I just want us to be able to pour back into the community.”

A first-time participant, Jamaican restaurant Ja’ Grill, 1510 E. Harper Ct., will offer discounts on Jerk Wings, Curry Shrimp, Curry Chicken and Stew Chicken, among other items.

“It’s absolutely important just to showcase other cuisines that are out there,” said Ja’ Grill general manager Alex Fowler. “We’re excited and looking forward to creating new, loyal patrons.” 

Aisha Murff, owner of Haire’s Gulf Shrimp, makes fried shrimp in the restaurant at 7448 S. Vincennes Ave. in Chatham on the South Side, Friday, Feb. 17, 2023.

Aisha Murff, owner of Haire’s Gulf Shrimp, makes fried shrimp in the restaurant at 7448 S. Vincennes Ave. in Chatham on the South Side. The restaurant is participating in Chicago Black Restaurant Week, which runs Feb. 11-25.

Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times

At Haire’s Gulf Shrimp, 7448 S. Vincennes Ave., customers will get a discount on “Small Bomb Bags” of shrimp served ”old school-style” in a white paper bag, which the late owner, Finnie Haire, began selling in 2001. 

“He just wanted people to enjoy his mother’s delicious shrimp,” said Haire’s widow, Aisha Murff, who now runs the restaurant. “He came from a family of 10 down south, and this is her family’s secret recipe.” 

Pictured is a Peanut Butter Fluff Moon Pie at 1308 Chicago, one of the restaurants participating in Black Restaurant Week, which runs Feb. 11-25.

Peanut Butter Fluff Moon Pie at 1308 Chicago, one of the restaurants participating in Black Restaurant Week, which runs Feb. 11-25.

Courtesy of Danni Moore

Participating for the second year, 1308 Chicago, 1308 N. Elston Ave., is offering a prix fixe menu that includes a scratch-made Peanut Butter Fluff Moon Pie for dessert.

“There are so many amazing Black-owned Chicago restaurants waiting for you to have the experience that you deserve to have,” said 1308 Chicago co-owner Danni Moore. “So go outside, get that experience and enjoy yourself. We’re waiting.” 

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1960s USA - Real Street Scenes of Vintage America - Colorized

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