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Why Sean Alter committed to the UP Maroons

MANILA, Philippines – The UP Fighting Maroons’ recruitment tour continued with another major addition as the program secured the commitment of Filipino-American standout Sean Alter.

He confirmed the development to Rappler on Sunday, March 19.

Alter, a 6-foot-8 big man with a 6-foot-11 wingspan, will be eligible for five playing seasons in the UAAP beginning Season 86 for a Fighting Maroons squad that has retooled following key departures last season.

A two-time state champion in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Alter will make the move to Diliman following a successful career with Volcano Vista High School. 

The blue-chip recruit finished with 9 points and 8 rebounds in his squad’s championship-clinching 43-31 triumph over Sandia in the New Mexico high school state basketball tournament.

Alter visited the University of the Philippines campus last October following his junior season and had the opportunity to watch the Fighting Maroons’ first-round victory over the Ateneo Blue Eagles in Season 85. 

“I told myself that I was going to leave for college anyway, so I wanted it to be the best college basketball experience I could find and after going to an Ateneo vs UP game last season, I saw the kind of environment it was and I loved it,” Alter said in an exclusive interview.

Head coach Goldwin Monteverde, program director Bo Perasol, and key backers of the UP men’s basketball program also made multiple visits to Alter’s hometown in New Mexico over the last two years, displaying the kind of effort which has made UP a go-to spot for top-tier basketball recruits both from the Philippines and from other countries.

“It really shows the commitment of coaches when they will fly to a whole other country to recruit a player. It’s one of the reasons I chose them out of others,” Alter shared.

Ateneo and UST also expressed interest in getting to know Alter but State U was in hot pursuit of the prospect from the get-go, giving the Fighting Maroons the inside track.

It also helped that Alter was being recruited by members of the Fighting Maroons roster.

“Last year, I got to talk to Carl Tamayo in a practice and he was my practice partner. It’s really cool to see him succeeding. I’ve also talked to Ashon Andrews, another Fil-Am, so I’m looking forward to becoming his teammate.”

Alter is part of the Fil-Am Nation team that became the first foreign squad to advance to the finals of the NBTC tournament, where they’ll go up against local squad Nazareth-NU. 

He becomes the latest Fighting Maroon to come from Fil-Am Nation’s talent pool, joining the likes of UAAP champion Zavier Lucero and Henry Galinato.

“I will have to adjust to the Philippine style of basketball, which is why I will be coming here soon to train,” Alter said, indicating that he wants to get up to date with his new team’s playing dynamics quickly.

“I love the environment here in the Philippines. Just today I had the opportunity to walk in the streets and see all the Filipino people who are so nice. All of the kids were really nice and asked for autographs. I love the Philippines’ environment because of the great people and the basketball-centered culture and I’m excited for the future.”

That future looks promising for a UP team which this off-season also secured the commitments of Francis “LeBron” Lopez, Seven Gagate, Josh Coronel, and NCAA high school MVP Luis Pablo. –


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