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Missing X-Factor star Levi Davis SPOTTED looking ‘lost and confused’ in homeless area of Barcelona, claims family

MISSING X-Factor star Levi Davis has been spotted looking “lost and confused” in an area of Barcelona populated by homeless people, his family have claimed.

His loved ones reportedly received a tip that the 24-year-old was seen roaming around Plaça Sant Agust on Monday morning.

Levi Davis, 24, was last seen leaving an Irish pub in Barcelona on October 29[/caption]
The rugby ace has reportedly been spotted in a homeless area of the Spanish city[/caption]
An anonymous local claimed to have seen Levi wandering around Plaça Sant Agust[/caption]
His loved ones launched a social media appeal to help find the former X-Factor star[/caption]

A social media appeal was launched to help find the former Bath rugby player after he was last seen at an Irish pub on October 29.

He had arrived in Barcelona that same day after getting on a ferry from Ibiza without any money, spare clothes or passport.

As the hunt for Levi continues, his family have since received reports of a potential sighting just a nine-minute walk from the Old Irish Pub in La Rambla.

His agent and close friend Tom Varndell revealed someone had reached out anonymously with information on the case.



X-Factor star's mum joins hunt in Spain & reveals 'he hasn't used bank cards'


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The unidentified person alleged that they had seen Levi appearing disoriented while loitering in a tourist hotspot in the Spanish city.

Tom told the Mirror: “They said, ‘I shouldn’t have told you anything in the first place, but I saw the tweets and felt bad.’

“They said he was seen at Placa Sant Agusti this morning (Monday, November 14), which is usually transited by homeless people.

“He seemed lost and confused apparently. If it is Levi, God knows what state he’s in right now.”

The lead has been passed on to West Midlands Police as well as Spanish cops to investigate, Tom said.

But despite the fresh hope of finding him, Levi’s family are remaining skeptical as there has been “nothing concrete” to locate him so far.

Tom added: “It’s so frustrating. The person who [reached out] is Spanish which is a positive because obviously they’re based out there.

“It’s just about trying to find out if there’s any truth in it, any substance in it, and then go from there really.

“I don’t know if Levi hasn’t got any access to phone or internet or whatever.”

The missing 24-year-old has not used his bank cards since he vanished in the Catalan capital with only 40 euros in cash on him.

Spanish police said Levi’s phone signal was last detected close to Barcelona’s Sants mainline train station overnight on October 29, but the mobile has not been used since.

Levi’s distraught mum Julie Davis previously flew out to the city to help track down her son, as theories around his disappearance continue to swirl.

He seemed lost and confused apparently. If it is Levi, God knows what state he’s in right now.

Tom Varndell

She revealed he did not give her an address of where he was staying because he had planned to be “moving around”.

The mum told Spanish Daily ABC he suffered from depression and had gone missing on previous occasions but for “no more than two or three days”.

She said: “He would always come back or we would find him but it’s been 12 days now and this is not normal. He must be disorientated or confused.”

Police are understood to have confirmed Levi is not in hospital and has not been arrested as part of an “emergency” response to a missing persons report.

Levi’s foster mother, Susanne Balfour, has also spoken out to Sky News about the X-Factor contestant’s disappearance.

She confirmed that he had mentioned a blackmail threat in a video posted on social media that has since been deleted.

Host Kay Burley asked her if the clip was linked to her foster son’s sexuality, as Levi made history in 2020 when he was the first rugby union player to come out as bisexual while still playing.

Susanne replied: “He might just be frightened, he did say in that video that his life was in danger, I don’t know whether he’s running from something, I just don’t know.


“Levi said he needed to get out of Ibiza, when his friend asked why he just said he needed to get out. He was actually on a ferry from Ibiza going to Barcelona, but that was the last thing he heard from him.”

Susanne said it was “concerning” that he hadn’t reached out to any family or friends since last month.

A GoFundMe was launched by Levi’s close pal Richard Squire in the hopes of boosting the profile of their appeal.

It explained the rugby ace has “struggled with his mental health for many years” and that his family were “extremely concerned for him.”

It is understood that Levi was suffering with a persistent injury that had affected his career, and may have also had financial difficulties.

Tom explained it has been difficult to confirm potential sightings “because there are a lot of people that look like Levi.”

He added: “If it’s just the back of someone’s head or you know from a distance. I don’t know. We just need to follow up, it’s nothing concrete but it’s something.”

The agent also said the family were in contact with people based in Spain who are desperately trying to find Levi.

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Levi featured on ITV’s Celebrity X Factor in 2019 alongside fellow rugby players Ben Foden and Thom Evans in a singing group called Try Star.

He also appeared on E4’s Celebs Go Dating in 2020.

A tipster claimed the 24-year-old appeared ‘lost and confused’ on Monday morning
He was reportedly spotted just a nine-minute walk from the Old Irish Pub in La Rambla
PA:Press Association
Levi teamed up with rugby aces Ben Foden and Thom Evans for the X-Factor in 2019[/caption]

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