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State Senate District 10: Wahab edges ahead of Mei in tight race

State Senate District 10: Wahab edges ahead of Mei in tight race

Hayward City Councilmember Aisha Wahab is edging ahead of Fremont Mayor Lily Mei on Monday in District’s 10 nail-biting state Senate race.

The closely watched race was subject to over $7.7 million in spending after a number of special interest committees flooded money into a shadow campaign to get their preferred candidate elected, with attack ads on both sides.

About 2.6% — or 3,952 votes — separated the candidates in the latest results from both counties.

As of Monday afternoon, Wahab was leading with 51.3% of the vote, though the results are still only partial.

District 10 represents an area that includes over 1 million residents and stretches across both northern Santa Clara and southern Alameda counties.

With 79% of the vote counted in Santa Clara on Monday, Wahab was edging ahead by 2,094 votes. Wahab has 45,181 votes while Mei has 43,087 votes, or 51.2% to 48.8%.

Wahab was leading in Alameda County by 1,858 votes with 51.6% to Mei’s 48.4% after officials updated the results Monday afternoon. Wahab had 30,544 votes to Mei’s 28,686 votes.

The candidates are vying to replace Sen. Bob Wieckowski, who is terming out at the end of this year.

Attacks have been launched on both candidates by a number of political action committees (PACs) in what has become one of the area’s most expensive state Senate races.

The business community has been backing Mei, while labor unions are vying to get Wahab elected.

According to a Bay Area News analysis, more than $1.7 million had been spent by a variety of political action committees (PACs) in support of Mei by Nov. 5, while $1.6 million had been spent by those opposing her election.

Wahab’s camp benefited from $1.2 million in PAC support and over $1.3 million was spent in an effort to oppose her election.

Some of the big players trying to get Mei elected include health care provider DaVita Inc., the California Charter Schools Association and the California Chamber of Commerce.

Meanwhile, a committee called Opportunity PAC, which is funded by SEIU, California Labor Federation and California Teachers Council, spent more than $1.2 million on ads and mailers opposing Mei’s election and attacking her integrity.

Campaign mailers from candidates Aisha Wahab and Lily Mei are photographed on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2022, in Hayward, Calif. The two candidates have spent over $7.7 million so far on the State Senate race in District 10. (Aric Crabb/Bay Area News Group)
Campaign mailers from candidates Aisha Wahab and Lily Mei are photographed on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2022, in Hayward, Calif. (Aric Crabb/Bay Area News Group) 

Both candidates have condemned the attacks launched by such PACs.

“The barrage of attacks against women in this race is demeaning and shameful. Women should be allowed to run on their merits — not attacked based on gossip or guilt by association,” Mei said.

Vote-by-mail, provisional, and other ballots continue to be processed.

The election results will be certified by Dec. 16.

Staff writer Judith Prieve contributed to this report.

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