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Biden's student debt relief plan: What does it mean for Louisiana borrowers?

Biden's student debt relief plan: What does it mean for Louisiana borrowers?

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— As President Biden's plans for student debt relief continue to unfold, data released by the US Department of Education on Tuesday estimates more than 40 million people will receive assistance, including 600,000 borrowers in Louisiana will be eligible for assistance.

Following the Biden Administration's announcement last month to bring up, LBJ sat down with

Thomas says the impact of the forgiveness plan could provide relief to nearly 40% of all Louisiana adults who attended college. According to a White House fact sheet, the relief will provide up to $20,000 to Pell Grant recipients and up to $10,000 to other borrowers.

WGNO's LBJ sat down with Rachel Thomas, the Senior Communications Advisor for Policy at the White House, to find out more about the plan and what it means for Louisiana. Watch the full interview in the player below.

FULL INTERVIEW: White House official talks student debt relief in Louisiana

The Department of Education also released an estimated amount of eligible borrowers by state. See the full data in the table below. To learn more about the plan and to find out how to apply, click here.

Eligible student borrowers by state

State or JurisdictionEstimated Number of Borrowers Eligible for Student Debt Relief (rounded to the nearest hundred)Estimated Number of Pell Borrowers Eligible for Student Debt Relief (rounded to the nearest hundred)
AK                                    60,500                                          37,300
AL                                  588,000                                        404,900
AR                                  365,600                                        269,000
AS                                       2,000                                            1,500
AZ                                  810,800                                        554,900
CA                               3,549,300                                     2,340,600
CO                                  698,100                                        419,000
CT                                  454,200                                        238,200
DC                                  105,600                                          60,300
DE                                  116,900                                          68,000
FL                               2,427,600                                     1,716,300
GA                               1,506,100                                     1,039,100
GU                                       6,900                                            4,500
HI                                  111,500                                          65,700
IA                                  408,700                                        248,900
ID                                  201,400                                        144,900
IL                               1,486,600                                        863,600
IN                                  856,400                                        555,500
KS                                  360,900                                        225,500
KY                                  563,300                                        394,000
LA                                  608,100                                        435,200
MA                                  813,000                                        401,200
MD                                  747,100                                        419,400
ME                                  175,000                                        105,300
MI                               1,316,000                                        849,300
MN                                  729,700                                        416,300
MO                                  777,300                                        502,200
MP                                       1,400                                            1,000
MS                                  417,200                                        316,400
MT                                  120,400                                          78,600
NC                               1,190,500                                        785,500
ND                                    82,000                                          49,600
NE                                  232,100                                        136,000
NH                                  175,100                                          85,300
NJ                               1,082,900                                        590,300
NM                                  215,900                                        159,000
NV                                  315,800                                        216,900
NY                               2,258,800                                     1,320,100
OH                               1,677,800                                     1,085,700
OK                                  454,300                                        321,600
OR                                  499,000                                        332,100
PA                               1,717,300                                        988,800
PR                                  275,500                                        241,900
RI                                  133,900                                          75,300
SC                                  681,100                                        458,400
SD                                  109,100                                          65,100
TN                                  795,300                                        542,000
TX                               3,323,200                                     2,306,700
UT                                  282,700                                        206,300
VA                                  965,100                                        566,500
VI                                       7,800                                            4,700
VT                                    72,200                                          37,100
WA                                  697,600                                        423,800
WI                                  685,100                                        412,700
WV                                  213,100                                        145,000
WY                                    49,600                                          31,400
Other                                    10,900                                            7,400
Unknown                               3,770,600                                     1,376,000

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