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Top Twitch Streamer Mizkif Suspended From Pro Gaming Org For Alleged Sexual Assault ‘Cover Up’

Top Twitch Streamer Mizkif Suspended From Pro Gaming Org For Alleged Sexual Assault ‘Cover Up’
As if Twitch wasn’t in the news enough already, the platform is again making new headlines, following yesterday’s successful campaign by top broadcasters to ban gambling from the livestreaming service. However, instead of money problems, we’re dealing with issues of sexual assault and harassment, as personalities like Maya and Mizkif have been accused of encouraging the covering up of an abuse victim’s traumatic experience. Now, Mizkif is facing repercussions. Content Warning: Descriptions of sexual assault AdrianahLee is a Just Chatting streamer who occasionally plays Minecraft and Valorant. A chilled content creator, AdrianahLee came forward in June 2021 with a TwitLonger post detailing a troubling experience she says she had with gaming broadcaster CrazySlick, during a 2020 birthday party. While allegedly drunk, AdrianahLee recounted an incident in which CrazySlick followed her around, tried to — and allegedly did — kiss her, and touched her “neck and chest” multiple times to check her pulse after she passed out in one of the rooms. Though AdrianahLee clarified in the initial post — that she is now saying was somewhat coerced — that CrazySlick did not “rape or assault” her, she noted that his actions did “make me feel uncomfortable” all the same. CrazySlick made a TwitLonger post of his own not long afterward, apologizing for “making her feel uncomfortable” and being drunk, but nothing came of it. More recently, the allegations resurfaced. Now, AdrianahLee has taken to Twitch and Twitter to elaborate on the situation, saying the original TwitLonger post was a “diluted version of the story that was proofread” by Just Chatting streamer and wildlife conservationist Maya and others. In a two-hour livestream, AdrianahLee said Maya and Mizkif pressured her to say something ASAP so the two didn’t have to kick CrazySlick out of the house. (CrazySlick is best friends with Mizkif and lived with Maya and Mizkif; the latter duo were supposedly dating around the time AdrianahLee’s allegations first came to light.) But in pressuring her to speak prematurely and requiring approval of her tweets before they went live, AdrianahLee said Maya and Mizkif helped downplay the accusations by having her paint CrazySlick in a more favourable light. Yesterday, as big-name streamers like Asmongold and Pokimane made statements on Twitch’s rampant gambling issues, gambling broadcaster Trainwreck clapped back at Mizkif, stating that “mizkif didn’t assault the women, he orchestrated the cover-ups for his friends” to “cover up all those sexual assaults” against CrazySlick. Simultaneously, old videos and screenshots of Mizkif’s were uncovered, in which he both undermined AdrianahLee’s experience — calling it “not really a big deal” — and used a handful of slurs in a chat with a friend against Black and LGBTQ+ people. Further, some are alleging that CrazySlick has a history of similar incidents with other women. AdrianahLee is maintaining an ongoing Twitter thread to platform women, both named and anonymous, willing to come forward with information about how CrazySlick had assaulted or harassed them. Maya has broken her silence on the situation. In a recent Twitch stream, Maya said that during a conversation she had with AdrianahLee about the encounter with CrazySlick, AdrianahLee told Maya he did not rape or sexually assault her. Because Maya “didn’t think of it as a rape or a sexual assault” when it happened, Maya had asked AdrianahLee to include that detail in the TwitLonger post. However, Maya now says she recognises the unequal “power dynamic” between herself and AdrianahLee, given that Maya is a much bigger streamer. So Maya apologised to AdrianahLee, noting that she “feels bad” and “wasn’t trying to force [AdrianahLee] into saying something” that would downplay her traumatic experience. CrazySlick has also responded to the assault allegations, saying in some now-deleted tweets that he “never sexually assaulted anyone and never will” while claiming he checked AdrianahLee’s pulse through her “neck and wrist only.” CrazySlick’s Twitch is still up, but he’s deactivated his Twitter. AdrianahLee is still grappling with the aftermath of the situation, expressing that the entire debacle has felt like one big gaslighting incident for her and her friends. “It was an assault,” AdrianahLee said in a September 19 stream. “Well, I guess, I don’t know…What is assault defined [as]? [CrazySlick] did not rape me. He did not stick a finger in me or whatever, but he did touch my chest area multiple times when he was asked to stop multiple times. Whether that’s harassment or assault that’s up to you. I guess it’s up to me. It’s something that makes me fucking uncomfortable. It’s something that’s fucked up. It’s something that should not happen to any woman.” In the wake of these details resurfacing, Mizkif has been suspended from One True King (OTK), the esports organisation he co-founded with other streamers like Asmongold in October 2020. In a statement on its official Twitter, OTK said it’s in the process of “contacting a third-party legal organisation” to investigate Mizkif’s behaviour and language. “Mizkif has been placed on leave and will be stepping away from his organizational duties pending the results of the investigation,” the org said. “OTK strongly condemns sexual harassment, assault, and bigotry of all forms.” Mizkif also made a statement on the matter. In a TwitLonger post, he said CrazySlick “has been told to vacate [the] house as soon as possible,” and apologised to “everyone affected by the situation.” In a follow-up tweet, Mizkif clarified that CrazySlick had, in fact, sexually assaulted AdrianahLee. Kotaku reached out to AdrianahLee, CrazySlick, Maya, and Mizkif for comment.  

The post Top Twitch Streamer Mizkif Suspended From Pro Gaming Org For Alleged Sexual Assault ‘Cover Up’ appeared first on Kotaku Australia.


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