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Marin IJ Readers’ Forum for April 28, 2022

Marin IJ Readers’ Forum for April 28, 2022

Vote yes on Measure A for parks, open space and ag

Living in a county that has about 85% of its land area dedicated to parks, open space and agriculture, I believe we should be good stewards of the lands we oversee. We should provide the funding necessary for the upkeep of our lands.

Measure A will continue our commitment and continue to allocate $14 million a year for nine years to that effort. Since 2013, Measure A funds have supported infrastructure repairs, vegetation management, conservation and public programs. Measure A has funded the development of park master plans, the “inclusive access” plan and other initiatives that keep parks and open spaces enjoyable, safe and sustainable.

The recent proposed changes in how the money will be used means a small cut in allocations for new acquisitions of farmland easements, but will not see any increase in the tax base. It’s rare that a tax is not increased after nine years. Vote yes on Measure A.

— Ron Ford, Santa Venetia

As a regressive tax, Measure A needs no vote

The IJ headline of April 24, “Soaring inflation hits hard for some Marin residents,” illustrates the economic divide for Marin County residents. It is particularly relevant as we go to the polls June 7 to vote on the regressive sales tax, Measure A.

Even crueler, 20%, tens of millions of dollars, of Measure A funds are earmarked for Marin ranch owners, who I surely believe do not need any public charity. Funding for Marin’s Parks Department should come from property taxes, as is the case for all other government entities, not from a sales tax, which disproportionately hurts the poor.

Do the right thing. Vote no on Measure A.

— Barry Spitz, San Anselmo

Where do candidates stand on equity, justice?

I am a member of the Friends of Golden Gate Village group advocating for the revitalization of the public housing community in Marin City. While it is clear that our group consisting of hundreds of citizens is having an impact, I realize that the courageous leadership of Supervisor Stephanie Moulton-Peters has ensured that our voices of advocacy haven’t fallen on deaf ears. I want to thank Moulton-Peters. She brought the rest of the supervisors into the light.

Two new supervisors will be elected this year. They will sit on the Marin Housing Authority Board of Commissioners along with the three other supervisors and two tenant commissioners. They will have the decision-making voice over Golden Gate Village and other critical housing issues, including Project Homekey, an initiative courageously led by Supervisor Katie Rice.

The two new supervisors could have a dramatic impact on the future of equitable housing. We need to understand their stance on racial equity and housing justice in Golden Gate Village and other parts of Marin County.

The Friends of Golden Gate Village, along with 24 co-sponsoring organizations, is holding a forum for the supervisor candidates on Zoom at 7 p.m. on May 4. Email friendsofggv@gmail.com for complete information. The group is thrilled that the Rev. Floyd Thompkins of Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church in Marin City will moderate the forum. Please join us. Much is at stake in the future of racial equity and housing justice in Marin County.

— Anne Devero-Rosenfeld, Mill Valley

Yoon is the best choice in race for state senator

IJ political columnist Dick Spotswood’s recently published column regarding the California Senate District 2 race was helpful (“Examination of two-person race for state senator representing Marin is revealing,” April 13). There is a clear difference between the two candidates mentioned. One candidate is a career politician. The other, Gene Yoon, is running so future generations have the opportunity to succeed and build on what he and his family experienced.

Years ago, when I was in grade school, my U.S. congresswoman offered me and my classmates sage advice: An elected representative must be ready to make a choice that could end her job. Yoon has proven himself capable and hardworking throughout his life. Now he wants to ensure others have the opportunity to succeed. He has the vision, integrity and energy the state and country need.

Those in California state Senate District 2 have a great opportunity to elect Gene Yoon as our representative.

— Andrea Leavitt, San Anselmo

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