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These slow-selling cars might come at a discount

These slow-selling cars might come at a discount

(ISeeCars) - It took 42.8 days for the average new vehicle to sell in November and 51.5 days for the average used vehicle, according to a recent study by car search engine iSeeCars.com. Even in today’s market with inventory constraints from the ongoing microchip shortage, there are certain new and used cars that have remained on dealer lots for an extended amount of time. While the typical car buyer is likely unaware of a vehicle’s average selling time, knowing this important information could help you save money when you purchase a new or used car.

How does understanding a vehicle’s selling time lead to potential savings? It’s because cars that take longer to sell can present shoppers with valuable negotiation opportunities. Dealers will likely want to get rid of these cars even if it means lowering the price. These slow-sellers indicate that the supply of these vehicles is higher than the demand, which could be because the car is priced too high or because it isn’t as desirable as its competition.

Which new cars are the slowest sellers? iSeeCars analyzed over 280,000 new and used cars sold in November to determine which vehicles remain on the market for the longest amount of time. 

Slowest-Selling New Cars

These are the top 10 slowest-selling new cars, which include a mix of vehicle types.

Slowest-Selling New Cars- iSeeCars.com - iSeeCars
RankVehicleAverage Days to SellAverage Price
1Kia Rio219.0$16,557
2Mitsubishi Outlander Sport207.6$25,403
3Acura TLX196.2$46,499
4Nissan Murano167.7$39,332
5Alfa Romeo Giulia138.0$46,236
6Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross132.1$27,890
7Mercedes-Benz C-Class127.1$48,173
8Infiniti Q50123.3$49,820
9Nissan Titan116.3$55,903
10Chevrolet Bolt EV109.0$35,359
Overall Average42.8

The slowest-selling new car is the Kia Rio subcompact car, which appeals to consumers on a budget with an average new car price of $16,557. It’s joined by two small SUVs that are among the most affordable in their classes: the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport subcompact SUV and the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross compact SUV.

Four luxury sedans make the list including the midsize Acura TLX, the midsize Alfa Romeo Giulia, the compact Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and the compact INFINITI Q50. The low demand for these cars reflects consumer preference for SUVs.

A pair of Nissans make the list: the Nissan Murano midsize SUV and the Nissan Titan full-size pickup truck. Both are among the lowest-volume sellers in their respective segments.

Rounding out the list is the Chevrolet Bolt EV. Despite being one of the Best Electric Cars on the market, the Bolt has likely declined in popularity thanks to many new entrants to the electric car market.

Slowest-Selling Used Cars - iSeeCars
RankVehicleAverage Days to SellAverage Price
1BMW M3103.6$61,006
2Subaru BRZ90.4$28,326
3Honda Passport87.2$36,460
4Mitsubishi Mirage G483.0$13,807
5Volvo XC6078.6$36,758
6Land Rover Range Rover78.0$77,708
7Audi Q576.4$33,208
8BMW X573.0$44,728
9Audi SQ569.4$45,729
10Mercedes-Benz CLS68.9$60,005
Overall Average51.5

Luxury cars dominate the list including the top-ranked BMW M3, which is the performance variant of the 3-Series compact sedan. It’s joined by an additional luxury sedan, the full-size Mercedes-Benz CLS, and five SUVs including the Volvo XC60 compact SUV, the Land Rover Range Rover full-size SUV, the Audi Q5 compact SUV and its performance variant the Audi SQ5, and the BMW X5 midsize SUV.

The popular Subaru BRZ sports car ranks second and is among the Best Sports Cars on the market. The BRZ is likely a slow-seller because its average used car price of $28,326 exceeds its starting MSRP of $27,995, which makes buyers more likely to want the new 2022 redesigned version.

The Honda Passport midsize SUV ranks third. The Passport debuted in 2019 and has struggled to keep up with the competition in its segment despite its critical acclaim.

The Mitsubishi Mirage G4 subcompact sedan rounds out the list in fourth. Similar to the BRZ, the used car price of the Mirage G4 is close to its starting new car price. Interested shoppers who are looking for affordable transportation likely don’t want to pay its inflated used car price.

When buying a new or used car, it’s not only important to understand how long a vehicle spends on dealer lots but also to understand why it is a slow-seller. Although these slower-selling cars can provide leverage for a bargain, consumers should do their research to understand why there isn’t high demand for these cars. This will ensure the issue is one they can overlook before they’re driving off the dealer lot. The iSeeCars free VIN check includes over 200 data points to equip car shoppers with the information necessary to make an informed car purchase, including how long a car has been on the market compared to its average selling time. 

More from iSeeCars:

About iSeeCars.com

iSeeCars.com is a car search engine that helps shoppers find the best car deals by providing key insights and valuable resources, like the iSeeCars free VIN check reports and Best Cars rankings. iSeeCars.com has saved users over $319 million so far by applying big data analytics powered by over 25 billion (and growing) data points and using proprietary algorithms to objectively analyze, score and rank millions of new cars and used cars.

This article, How to Get a Deal on Slow-Selling Cars, originally appeared on iSeeCars.com.

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