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The Latest | Chile, EU among foreign governments condemning apparent failed coup attempt in Bolivia

The Latest | Chile, EU among foreign governments condemning apparent failed coup attempt in Bolivia

LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) — An apparent failed coup attempt erupted Wednesday in Bolivia, where armored vehicles rammed into the doors of the government palace and President Luis Arce said the country stood firm against attacks on democracy.

Arce confronted the general commander of the army — Juan José Zúñiga, who appeared to be leading the rebellion — in the palace hallway, saying, “I am your captain, and I order you to withdraw your soldiers, and I will not allow this insubordination.”

Bolivian television showed two tanks and a number of men in military uniform outside the building, but troops and armored vehicles later began to pull back. Supporters of Arce flooded into the plaza outside soon afterward, waving Bolivian flags.

Arce said the day has been “atypical in the life of country that wants democracy.” He decried what he called “an attempted coup by troops who are staining the uniform, who are attacking our constitution.”

Arce also replaced the heads of the armed forces.

Here’s the latest:


Chile, EU among foreign governments condemning apparent failed coup attempt

Chile is among foreign governments that are condemning what appeared to be a failed coup attempt in neighboring Bolivia.

President Gabriel Boric told reporters that he “immediately” contacted his Bolivian counterpart to offer his “solidarity.”

“We condemn this coup attempt. We call for institutions to function, for the constitution and the laws to be respected,” he added. “We hope that no one is injured and that the legitimate government of President Luis Arce remains in place and can continue with the mandate that the Bolivian people have voted for.”

Boric said the matter would be raised Thursday before the Organization of American States.

EU President Ursula von der Leyen also expressed the European bloc’s strong support for constitutional order and the rule of law in Bolivia.


Troops and armored vehicles begin to pull back; president decries those who “are staining the uniform”

Troops and armored vehicles have begun to pull back from Bolivia’s government palace.

Supporters of President Luis Arce flooded into the plaza outside and waved Bolivian flags soon afterward.

Arce said the day has been “atypical in the life of country that wants democracy.”

He decried what he called “an attempted coup by troops who are staining the uniform, who are attacking our constitution.”

Arce praised those troops who obey the constitution and “wear their uniform with pride.”

“We deplore the attitudes of bad troops who regrettably repeat history by trying to carry out a coup when the Bolivian people have always been a democratic people,” he added.


Bolivia president replaces heads of the armed forces; new army commander orders troops back to barracks

Bolivian President Luis Arce has announced new heads of the army, navy and air force. That includes the position of the army general commander, Juan José Zúñiga, who appears to be leading the rebellion.

New army chief José Wilson Sánchez is ordering all mobilized troops to return to their barracks. “No one wants the images we’re seeing in the streets,” he said.

Arce said that those who rose up against him were “staining the uniform.” He vowed that democracy would be respected.

Police with riot gear have put up fences around the government palace and the plaza outside.

Video from the streets showed armored vehicles driving away from the palace, followed by troops and journalists.


Bolivian labor union condemns what it calls an attempted coup

The leadership of Bolivia’s largest labor union has condemned what it calls an attempted coup d’état and declared an indefinite strike of social and labor organizations in La Paz in defense of the government.


President to Army commander: “I order you to withdraw”; army commander says he is out to “restore democracy”

Bolivian President Luis Arce has told the army general commander, who appeared to be leading the rebellion: “I am your captain, and I order you to withdraw your soldiers, and I will not allow this insubordination.”

Before entering the government palace, Juan José Zúñiga told journalists in the plaza outside that “Surely soon there will be a new Cabinet of ministers; our country, our state cannot go on like this.” Zúñiga said that “for now” he recognizes Arce as commander in chief.

Zúñiga did not explicitly say whether he is leading a coup, but in the palace, with bangs echoing behind him, he said the army was trying to “restore democracy and free our political prisoners.” ___

Armored vehicles ram the doors of the palace, and president confronts army commander

Armored vehicles rammed into the doors of Bolivia’s government palace Wednesday as President Luis Arce said the country faced an attempted coup, insisted he stands firm and urged people to mobilize.

In a video of Arce surrounded by ministers in the palace, he said: “The country is facing an attempted coup d’état. Here we are, firm in Casa Grande, to confront any coup attempt. We need the Bolivian people to organize.”

Arce confronted the general commander of the Army, Juan José Zúñiga, in the palace hallway, as shown on video on Bolivian television. “I am your captain, and I order you to withdraw your soldiers, and I will not allow this insubordination,” Arce said.



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