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Patriots Position Breakdown: Who Cracks Running Back Rotation?

Welcome to Patriots Position Breakdown, a 10-part series on where we dive deep into each of New England’s position groups prior to the start of training camp.

The Patriots are going to rely heavily on their running backs this season, especially if everything we’ve come to know about new offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt is true.

Van Pelt didn’t call plays with the Cleveland Browns, but he did install an offense that ranked second in designed run plays last season. Jacoby Brissett has familiarity running the system, so it won’t be surprising if there’s a reliance on the ground game early in the season. Drake Maye will eventually take over, and there almost certainly will be that reliance once he gets handed the reins.

It just remains to be seen whether there’s enough talent in the running back room to power the offense. Let’s take a look at the unit as a whole, and the biggest questions facing it.

Roster Overview

– Rhamondre Stevenson
– Antonio Gibson
– Kevin Harris
– JaMycal Hasty
– Deshaun Fenwick
– Terrell Jennings

Stevenson got paid during the break between minicamp and training camp, but that won’t change the way he’s viewed at One Patriot Place. It isn’t often you find a guy capable of leading your team in rushing and receptions, but we’ve seen the 26-year-old do both in his time in New England and he’ll continue to be leaned on heavily moving forward.

Gibson is pretty much the only other person listed above who has a roster spot locked in, as he was given a nice little contract this offseason. Hasty made plays during the spring, but it remains to be seen if he can carry that momentum into full-team periods once camp starts. Harris, Fenwick and Jennings haven’t made a huge impression to this point in the offseason, but things change once the pads come on.

Biggest Question(s)

– Who is going to push for the RB3 spot?

Stevenson and Gibson will make the roster, but you can’t go an entire season relying on two guys at running back. The Patriots tried to do it last season, and though Ezekiel Elliott did a tremendous job in the absence of Stevenson, there weren’t many options beyond him and it hurt the overall effectiveness of those top two backs.

Harris was essentially the third option, but he totaled just 65 yards on the season. Ty Montgomery had nine. The Patriots will need to carry at least four running backs, and better hope one of Hasty, Harris, Fenwick or Jennings surprises. It’ll probably come down to value on special teams for that group.

– Is there an opportunity to add?

Does Kareem Hunt move the needle? How about Matt Breida? Latavius Murray is available again. The Patriots seem to be content with their current group, but one injury could force them to scramble and make an addition at some point during camp.


– B

Stevenson’s place as one of the more underrated offensive weapons in the league drastically improves this grade. If he can stay healthy, the Patriots won’t have too many problems, but that hasn’t been a reality throughout his career.

Fenwick is an intriguing prospect and could push to be the fourth option behind Stevenson, Gibson and Harris. But the depth here is honestly pretty bad. New England is relying on health, possibly too much.


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