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The best places to buy silver jewelry, from classic styles you'll wear daily to bold statement pieces

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The author wearing silver hoops and two layered chain necklaces.
Left: Ana Luisa Silver High Shine Bundle chain necklaces. Right: Ana Luisa Amaya silver hoop earrings.

Silver jewelry is undoubtedly not fading out of popularity anytime soon. This precious metal has been a timeless mainstay for centuries, heralded for its lightweight, durability, and unfussy sparkle. With so many options, shopping for silver jewelry online can be a bit overwhelming.

Thankfully, our top pick, Mejuri, is the perfect place to find affordable fine jewelry that's trendy but incredibly high quality. Associate style editor Gabrielle Chase recommends Ana Luisa for its simply designed, well-made pieces. "I like jewelry that you can forget about once it's on, until someone compliments you on it. Wearing the shiny silver Amaya hoops is a comfortable, easy way to stay accessorized," she says.

Our top picks for the best places to buy silver jewelry online

Best overall: Mejuri
The Mejuri motto is "fine jewelry for every day," and the brand's transparent pricing makes that goal feel way more attainable.

Best durable: Ana Luisa
Ana Luisa's sterling silver-plated jewelry is comfortable and safe to shower, sleep, and swim in.

Best for personalized pieces: GLDN
Whether buying a special treat for yourself or searching for the perfect gift, consider GLDN's delicate, customized jewelry.

Best for making an ethical impact: SOKO
As a "people first" ethical jewelry brand, SOKO prides itself on using business as a force of good.

Best for a splash of color: Kendra Scott
You'll not want for color when perusing the Kendra Scott jewelry collection. From dichroic glass to turquoise to amethyst, you've got your choice from the whole spectrum.

Best for discovering new trends and designers: Catbird
Always on the cusp of what's next — and with a wide assortment of jewelry — Catbird promises something for everyone.

Best for gifting: Dear Ava
With a gifting option for almost every person and occasion, Dear Ava makes it possible to shop for the impossible giftee.

Best for elevated essentials: Argento Vivo
Argento Vivo seamlessly combines effortlessness with upgraded style. The result is low-key luxury that'll turn heads but won't break the bank.

Best for raw gemstones: Ringcrush
An independent jewelry company based in Atlanta, Ringcrush offers a wide range of stackable rings, earrings, and necklaces made with raw gemstones.

Best for bold textures and designs: Missoma
Purveyor of demi-fine jewelry, Missoma is known for its collection of contemporary statement pieces.

Best for affordable luxury: Linjer
Linjer has figured out how to sell high-quality luxury jewelry with price tags that won't cause you to stagger.

Best overall: Mejuri
mejuri boyfriend stacker

Founded in Toronto by a jewelry trifecta — a third-generation jeweler, a former art director, and an engineer — Mejuri prides itself on transparent pricing and high quality. The brand's lineup of minimalist fine jewelry isn't meant to be squirreled away for a big occasion, either. Rather, they endorse the concept of wearing fine jewelry every single day. New pieces drop every Monday, so if nothing catches your eye this week, there's always the next.

Read our full review of Mejuri.

What to buy:

Best durable: Ana Luisa
The author wearing silver hoops and two silver layered chain necklaces.

"I will admit that I do not take precious care of my jewelry. I tend towards earrings and necklaces that are comfortable to shower, swim, and sleep in, because anything too delicate won't last with the way I operate.

Once I put on my silver Ana Luisa hoops and layered chains, I can wear them for days at a time without noticing. These pieces are sterling silver-plated, so they're not solid silver, but their shiny coating is hypoallergenic, water-resistant, and slow to tarnish. I've tried Ana Luisa's collection of trendy designer dupes, but it's also great for basic silver jewelry you can wear without caution." — Gabrielle Chase, associate style editor

Read more in our full Ana Luisa jewelry review.

What to buy:

Best for personalized pieces: GLDN
gldn silver

Eager to create the perfect personalized gift, Chrissy Lavdovsky set up a little shop out of her own kitchen and started plugging away. Her business blossomed on Etsy, and nearly 20 years later she has assembled a 100+ team of passionate artisans. To this day, GLDN still specializes in personalized jewelry, including initial necklace pendants, inscribed cuffs, and delicate rings with your choice of lettering. GLDN's symbol pendants are beautiful as well — have your pick from florals, hand gestures, faces, and more.

What to buy:

Best for making an ethical impact: SOKO
soko silver earring

The SOKO motto is "style driven by a greater social purpose" and it fuels everything the brand does, from sourcing materials to handcrafting pieces to delivering its products. The company works with female artisans in Nairobi, Kenya, allowing them to not only bring their modern designs to life, but also connecting them with the global market. This culminates in both beautiful jewelry and a sense of dignity and purpose for artisans. All materials are sourced ethically.

What to buy:

Best for a splash of color: Kendra Scott
Kendra Scott silver jewelry

Austin, Texas-based entrepreneur Kendra Scott started her eponymous jewelry line in 2002 with $500 in her pocket. The affordable line has since boomed into a $1 billion-dollar venture and her jewelry is sold in major retailers across the world. Her goal then was the same as it is now: to craft beautiful, high-quality gemstone pieces at approachable price points. Scott's signature design is a bold gemstone — such as rose quartz, amethyst, or obsidian — wrapped in gold- or rhodium-plated metal. Most pieces are customizable, and customers can even play with the "Color Bar" tool to design their own pieces.  

What to buy:

Best for discovering new trends and designers: Catbird
catbird ring

Based in Brooklyn, New York, it makes perfect sense that Catbird has become synonymous with plucking up-and-coming jewelry designers from a crowd and letting them dazzle a bigger audience. All pieces are brought to life in its Brooklyn studio utilizing ethically sourced materials — including conflict-free diamonds — and 1% of all sales is donated to nonprofits such as Citizens Climate Lobby, Centers for Reproductive Rights, and the ACLU. Though first a store-front in New York, you can now shop the full range of Catbird jewelry online. Pieces run the gamut from sparkling engagement rings to dainty anklets.

What to buy:

Best for gifting: Dear Ava
dear ava Valentine's Day Gift for Wife Necklace

The sole focus of Dear Ava is giftable jewelry and accessories, and they make the process simple from the get-go. The website allows you to shop by recipient or occasion, and each of these categories is even further narrowed. For example, you can shop according to certain holidays or milestones — like sympathy, thank you, and wedding — or peruse specific categories, such as best friend, father-in-law, and daughter. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Dear Ava even has categories for healthcare workers, teachers, caregivers, and nurses.

What to buy:

Best for elevated essentials: Argento Vivo
argento vivo silver

Founded in the mid-'90s and still going strong, Argento Vivo has mastered the formula for understated elegance. The brand sells a wide range of jewelry styles, ranging from signet rings to dainty pendants to petite studs. For those who prefer personalized options, there's no shortage there, either. Argento Vivo periodically collaborates with other brands — recent examples include Smith & Cult and Kelsey Simone — and new designs are dropped every Friday.

What to buy:


Best for raw gemstones: Ringcrush

If you're seeking silver jewelry that's a bit rougher around the edges — quite literally — Ringcrush is a great place to start. The Etsy seller has quickly become a beloved purveyor of all things raw gemstones, selling everything from statement earrings to dainty necklaces to stackable rings. Each item is handcrafted by one of the brand's eight artisans, and customers can choose their preferred metal (including sterling silver) and then their preferred raw stone. A raw gemstone is usually rougher in texture versus smooth and polished, and often has a natural, abstract shape. Common stones offered include opal, citrine, diamond, amethyst, and turquoise among others. Because the stone is less processed, it's often less expensive.

What to buy:

Best for bold textures and designs: Missoma
missoma lucy williams silver square snake chain necklace

There's a fine line between deliciously bold and overtly gaudy, and Missoma has managed to toe said line exquisitely well. For example, the Claw Collection puts a twist on an otherwise traditional silhouette, and the Twisted Collection is rich with bold textures. The pieces are also meant to layer and stack with each other — they even have pendants that clip on to other pieces — so keep adding until you find the balance that speaks to your style. If you're unsure of where to start, Missoma has conveniently written up numerous guides.

What to buy:

Best for affordable luxury: Linjer
linjer silver

Stuck between unsustainable fast fashion and ultra-expensive luxury, Linjer set out to find a middle ground. Today, the brand prides itself on high-quality products sold at a third to a quarter of the cost you'd expect. Linjer keeps prices down in several ways, including selling exclusively online versus paying for the overhead of a brick-and-mortar storefront. They also utilize recycled silver. In addition to women's jewelry, Linjer sells watches and handbags. The brand also sells men's watches and leather goods.

What to buy:

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