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Neymar praises Pulisic, tips USMNT to surprise at Copa America

Brazilian soccer star Neymar has expressed high admiration for the USMNT standout Christian Pulisic at the Copa America. He has also predicted that the American side could surprise many at the tournament. Neymar's commendation comes after witnessing Pulisic's impressive performances for both his country and his club. Christian Pulisic, now an AC Milan winger, has […]

Brazilian soccer star Neymar has expressed high admiration for the USMNT standout Christian Pulisic at the Copa America. He has also predicted that the American side could surprise many at the tournament. Neymar‘s commendation comes after witnessing Pulisic’s impressive performances for both his country and his club.

Christian Pulisic, now an AC Milan winger, has been a vital player for the USMNT, earning the nickname “Captain America” for his leadership and stellar performances. At just 25, he has already contributed significantly to the team’s success, including three CONCACAF Nations League titles. His impact is evident both on and off the field, inspiring teammates and fans alike with his dedication and skill.

The 25-year-old’s Serie A transition has been smooth, as evidenced by his 12 goals in 36 appearances during his debut season. His form has continued into the Copa America, where he has already made his mark by scoring the opening goal in the USMNT’s first Group Stage match against Bolivia. Pulisic’s goal, a spectacular strike from outside the box, set the tone for a 2-0 victory, igniting celebrations among the home crowd.

What did Neymar say about Pulisic and USMNT?

Neymar’s admiration for Pulisic was publicly shared in a video posted on X by Pase Filtrado. Reflecting on the USMNT’s 1-1 draw against Brazil in a pre-tournament friendly, Neymar highlighted Pulisic’s key role. The ex-Barcelona star also commented on the overall impressive performance of the American team.

“I know Pulisic. I watched the Brazil vs. United States game, and the U.S. team surprised me a lot because they ran a lot. They played great defense against Brazil. [Pulisic] is a great player; he spent a long time at Chelsea. The U.S. will surprise during the Copa America. From what I saw in the game against Brazil, they have everything to give teams trouble,” he said.

The USMNT’s strong start in the Copa America, particularly Pulisic’s early goal against Bolivia, suggests the team is well-prepared and confident. The captain’s ability to deliver in crucial moments is invaluable, especially as the team faces high expectations and the pressure of performing on home turf.

In the friendly against Brazil, Pulisic’s goal was a testament to his capability to rise to the occasion. His equalizer against the Seleção, following Rodrygo’s opener, showcased his poise and skill under pressure. This performance set the stage for his continued brilliance in the tournament.

How can USMNT ‘surprise’ at Copa America?

The USMNT, currently ranked 11th in the world, has a history of making deep runs in the Copa America, having reached the semi-finals in 1995 and 2016. Despite being members of CONCACAF, their competitive spirit and capability to challenge South America’s best teams have been well-documented.

This year’s tournament presents another opportunity for the USMNT to display its progress on the international stage. Securing a top spot in Group C will be crucial, with matches against Panama and Uruguay on the horizon. Advancing to the quarter-finals could set up a rematch with either Brazil or Colombia. Interestingly, it could add an extra layer of motivation following their recent encounters.


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Bears Reportedly Played A Big Part In Giants Losing Saquon Barkley

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