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Warriors aggressively looking for Andrew Wiggins, Chris Paul trades

League sources believe Andrew Wiggins, who struggled to find a consistent role last season, will be aggressively dangled in trade talks. The Warriors are also working hard to find a trade partner for Chris Paul, whose non-guaranteed $30 million salary for 2024-25 could be useful for matching purposes—but they have only until Friday, the last day they can waive Paul before his deal becomes fully guaranteed for next season. (Unless Paul and the Warriors agree to push the guarantee date into July.)
Source: The Ringer

What’s the buzz on Twitter?

Carl Steward @stewardsfolly
Don’t get the Warriors rumors regarding Paul George, especially at a four-year max. He’s 34, three months younger than Klay, and like Klay, not quite the player he was before a serious leg injury. Also further muddies Kuminga/Wiggins situation. – 1:07 PM
Chris Biderman @TheWarriorsWire
Warriors keeping options open with Chris Paul’s contract situation… AM

Chris Biderman @TheWarriorsWire
Warriors keeping options open with Chris Paul’s contract situation… PM

Gerald Bourguet @GeraldBourguet
On Kris Dunn, Chris Paul, Delon Wright, Dennis Smith Jr. and a few other point guard options for the Suns in free agency this summer: PM
Kamenetzky Brothers @KamBrothers
Monday’s @LockedOnLakers podcast! JJ Redick will be introduced by the Lakers today. What are we looking to hear about from the new coach? Plus, death, taxes, and “CP3 to the Lakers” rumors. @LockedOnNetwork @LockedOnNBAPods
Subscribe. Rate. Enjoy. Thx!…10:56 AM
Sam Quinn @SamQuinnCBS
If Chris Paul wants to live in LA and be with his family, I totally get it. Bigger than basketball.
Selfishly, as a fan, I want him somewhere that has a realistic chance at the championship. Oklahoma City is my first choice. Minnesota makes sense too. – 5:57 PM

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Dunleavy commented on the organization’s stance regarding the timing for Paul’s contract and its possible flexibility. “I’m okay with the date. I guess we’ll see if that changes,” Dunleavy said. “But for now, I’m good with it. I understand the rules. We’ll abide by it.” In his first season with the team in 2023-24, Paul was a key part of the Warriors’ bench, averaging 9.2 points and 6.8 assists per game in 58 appearances. It’s not often a team has the ability to bring in a 12-time All-Star to relieve a 10-time All-Star, but the Warriors had that luxury with Paul playing behind Steph Curry. -via NBC Sports Bay Area / June 25, 2024
The Warriors also don’t have much time to wait before they need to determine whether or not they’ll pick up guard Chris Paul’s $30 million team option for the 2024-25 NBA season. That deadline is on Friday, June 28. During his pre-draft press conference Monday, Warriors general manager Mike Dunleavy didn’t give away much of a strong inclination around the team’s plans for Paul. “We know what it is. We planned for it,” Dunleavy told reporters. “I think it’s more difficult about balancing the salary versus the quality of player and taking that into account, which makes it tough.” -via NBC Sports Bay Area / June 25, 2024
Kendra Andrews: Dunleavy says the Warriors are “looking through everything” in regards to Chris Paul’s non-guaranteed contract. But as it stands, it appears that everything is still on the table — including Paul getting waived. -via Twitter @kendra__andrews / June 24, 2024
Of course, if every second-generation player was selected No. 1 overall (like, say, Andrew Wiggins, whose father, Mitchell, played six seasons in the league), we’d expect them to outperform their non-legacy peers. But even once we account for draft slot, the second-gen draftees shine above the rest, outperforming the expected value at their draft slot by a whopping 30%. The legacy draftees, based on where they were drafted, were on average expected to generate 1.65 annual win shares in their NBA careers, the equivalent caliber of the 16th pick. Instead, they yielded 2.15, a 30% bump, which was more indicative of a No. 10 pick. Said another way, players with NBA bloodlines have performed six slots better than their actual draft spot. How impressive is that? Consider this: a 30% edge for legacy picks was larger than any college program in the study that sent at least 25 draftees to the league — even higher than the University of Kentucky (+26 percent). -via Yahoo! Sports / June 22, 2024
Canada Basketball: Our 20 🍁👊 -via / June 19, 2024
Michael Grange: Per one source, Andrew Wiggins is expected to be in camp with the @CanBball senior men’s team. Camp roster to be announced Wednesday. From Monday, my convo with Cory Joseph, who expected to get a training camp invite and was upset he did not:… -via Twitter @michaelgrange / June 18, 2024


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Suspect arrested for ‘threatening to kill Trump and his VP pick JD Vance’ in Florida days after assassination attempt

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Suspect arrested for ‘threatening to kill Trump and his VP pick JD Vance’ in Florida days after assassination attempt

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Брутальный стюард из соцсетей работает на рейсе Москва - Благовещенск

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Певец Shaman устроил митинг-концерт против YouTube перед посольством США

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Suspect arrested for ‘threatening to kill Trump and his VP pick JD Vance’ in Florida days after assassination attempt

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