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Charlotte Dawson cruelly mum-shamed as fans spot ‘dangerous moment’ in family video

REALITY star Charlotte Dawson has been cruelly slammed by fans after they spotted a ‘dangerous moment’ in her latest sweet family video.

Charlotte, 31, rose to fame on MTV‘s Ex On The Beach and regularly keeps her fans up to date with her chaotic home life on Instagram.

Charlotte Dawson has been cruelly trolled over her latest family video[/caption]
She shared a sweet snap of partner Matt and their kids but some critics have taken aim at the star[/caption]

However, the star received a barrage of unwelcome criticism over her latest video of her son Noah playing with his baby brother, Jude.

Charlotte was behind the camera as she filmed her two children in bed with their dad, rugby player Matt Sarsfield.

The TV personality was left thrilled that the family were back together after she revealed that Matt had been in hospital and away from them.

Writing next to the adorable family clip, the daughter of Les Dawson said: “Back together as a fambo of 4 after Matthew has been in hospital.”

However, many of her critics took aim at her two year old son Noah using a dummy.

They were also left unimpressed that Noah appeared close to Jude’s face in the clip.

Unfairly hitting out at the star, one troll said: “Take the dummy out of his mouth when he talks.”

Another penned: “Get that thing out of that poor child’s face!”

As a third shockingly slammed her parenting as they said: “Ffs that poor baby that little-brother of his will be a nightmare using make up brushes like that on him and pulling his chair down like that….what stupid parents you both are.”

Charlotte has been left devastated in recent months after being the target of a disgraceful campaign which has seen hoax calls being made to social services to imply the star’s children were in danger.

The despicable actions left Charlotte distraught that she was being targeted in such a vile way.

Earlier this year, the mum-of-two said she was devastated and “depressed” after getting another call off social services after a vile fan claimed she had been giving her son Noah alcohol, and showing him naked on Instagram.

She appeared drained and very upset on her Instagram Stories as she told her followers: “Happy Monday my darlings. Chazza has not had a happy Monday. Mine has been horrendous, awful.

“You know they say it comes in threes, bad news doesn’t it. I’ve had three bad news today.

“One of them is social services again. Saying that Noah is drunk and he’s been seen with drink.

“The next one is that they’re worried for our sons because there’s excessive alcohol. I’ve not even drank once, I’ve not even been out of the house. I’ve been breastfeeding.”

Social Media - Refer to Source
Charlotte regularly keeps her fans up to date online[/caption]
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