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Ryan Thomas’ Dancing On Ice partner revealed as stunning show newcomer

Ryan Thomas’ Dancing On Ice partner has been revealed as a stunning newcomer to the show.

It was announced last month that the former Corrie star, 39, would be getting his skates on for the new series of the hit ITV show.

Ryan Thomas’ Dancing On Ice partner has been revealed[/caption]
The actor has been paired with Amani fancy[/caption]
The pro skater is a two-time national champ[/caption]

Now today it has been revealed who Ryan’s pro skating partner is.

Taking to Instagram, a very excited Amani Fancy revealed she has partnered up with Ryan for the show.

Posting a series of pics with the actor, she wrote: “I’ve honestly been hoping for this pairing since the @dancingonice line up came out after watching an interview Ryan was on, to the point where I’ve nagged production to tell me if it was him countless times but had no luck until today ????

“Everything I thought Ryan may be, is true. The most genuinely empathetic, enthusiastic, cheeky, funny and ambitious man (all the things that make for a great skating partner) with such a huge heart, especially for his beautiful family!

“We’ve got an identical sense of humour (we spent most of the time cracking up and laughing at each other), the exact same habits, and an incredibly similar work ethic… I think I’ve met me in male form! ????????

She went on: “Ryan, the journey and the work begins now. It’s going to be intense, frustrating, beautiful and rewarding all at the same time, but I promise to try and make this the best experience for you.

“I’m so proud to be your partner and cannot wait to see you thrive and become the skater I know you can be. Who knows, maybe we won’t be able to tell who the professional is by the end of the competition ????

Amani brings a wealth of experience to the show, and is a two-time British national champion.

Meanwhile, it was revealed on Steph’s Packed Lunch last month that Ryan had joined the Dancing On Ice line-up.

Speaking at the time, he said: “When you can actually get the opportunity to go and work with new people, outside your comfort zone, learn something new, it’s exciting, especially when you’ve got kids and family at home.

“It’s nice to do those things, it’s huge.”

Ryan went on: “It’s a nerve-racking experience and we’re very supportive of everyone that’s doing the show, we want everyone to do well, that’s the right thing to say isn’t it?£

Ryan’s brother, Adam Thomas, recently took part in Strictly Come Dancing, and admitted struggling to balance rehearsals with his acting schedule.

Ryan said at the time: “I feel like I’m doing that show with him because I go through the same emotions he goes through.”

In response to his brother joining the Dancing on Ice line-up, Adam said: “I can give you some lessons on the dancing brother if you need it…”

To which Ryan replied: “I’m going to need all the help I can get!”

Other celebs in the 2024 line-up include S Club’s Hannah Spearritt, and boxer Ricky Hatton.

They are joined by Corrie’s Claire Sweeney, ex-EastEnder Ricky Norwood and Love Islander and West End star Amber Davies.

Long jump legend Greg Rutherford, comedian Lou Sanders, reality personality Miles Nazaire and Radio 1 DJ Adele Roberts complete the 2024 line-up.

The stars have started training ahead of the show, which is set to return to screens in January.

Meanwhile, Ryan is being supported in his DOI adventure by his fiancee Lucy Mecklenburgh.

The couple met on Bear Grylls‘ show Celebrity Island in 2017, going public with their romance a few months later.

Speaking at the time, Lucy revealed that Ryan had pursued her for years by direct messaging her via social media, but she rejected him until she appeared on the show.

The couple got engaged in Italy in 2019 on a romantic break in the Med.

Ryan got down on one knee in Positano with Lucy showing off her stunning diamond and gold engagement ring at the time.


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