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Esther McVey appointed minister for ‘common sense’ by Rishi Sunak with brief to tackle scourge of wokery

ESTHER McVey has made a shock return to the Cabinet as Rishi Sunak’s “common sense tsar” tasked with tackling the scourge of wokery, The Sun understands.

The PM appointed Ms McVey to the Cabinet Office role today in an olive branch to the Tory right.

Esther McVey has made a shock return to the Cabinet as Rishi Sunak’s anti-woke tsar[/caption]

MPs loyal to Suella Braverman are fuming that she was sacked as Home Secretary.

And they are bitter that the new Cabinet has taken a moderate turn.

The PM will hope the appointment of Ms McVey placates concerns about a shift away from the right.

Ms McVey is currently a backbench MP and part-time TV presenter for GB News.

But she’ll be expected to quit her work for the channel in order to attend Cabinet.

A Whitehall insider told The Sun she will be “leading the charge on the government’s anti-woke agenda, streamlining as a minister attending the Cabinet”.



Rishi Sunak to appoint sixteenth Housing Minister since 2010

Suella's sting

Sacked Home Sec fires Rishi warning shot as PM engineers huge reshuffle

It comes as David Cameron today made a sensational comeback to frontline politics as Foreign Secretary.

In a dramatic twist, the 57-year-old ex-PM was granted a peerage by King Charles this morning, enabling him to step into the coveted role.

Mr Cameron replaced James Cleverly, who has taken over from Suella Braverman as Britain’s new Home Secretary.

Amid speculation he would quit the Cabinet, Jeremy Hunt will stay on as Chancellor.

Greg Hands was moved from Conservative Party Chair to business minister.

He was replaced in CCHQ by 2019er and Red Wall MP Richard Holden.

Therese Coffey left government after meeting with the PM this morning.

She’ll be replaced at the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs by demoted Steve Barclay.

And Vicky Atkins will step up to the role of Health Secretary.

In a statement the now ex-Environment Secretary, who has served as a minister since 2014, said: “I have written to the Prime Minister today to step down from government.

“It has been a privilege to serve him and indeed 5 Conservative Prime Ministers as a minister.

“I look forward to continuing to serve my constituents of Suffolk Coastal.”

Meanwhile, Health Minister Neil O’Brien, a chief architect of the new smoking ban, quit his role.

Paymaster General Jeremy Quinn and veteran Schools Minister Nick Gibb stood down from the government.

Amid a rental and mortgage crisis, Rachel Maclean was fired as Housing Secretary, leaving the role open for the 16th time since the Tories took power.

Ms Maclean said: “I’ve been asked to step down from my role as Housing Minister.

“Disappointed and was looking forward to introducing the Renters Reform Bill to Committee tomorrow and later the Leasehold and Freehold Bill.

“It has been a privilege to hold the position and I wish my successor well.”

She was replaced by Lee Rowley who will leave his local government minister role.

A No10 spokesperson said: “This reshuffle will give the PM a united team to deliver the change this country needs for the long term.”


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Why Does Heartbreak Hurt So Much?

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Top 5 Best FREE PDF Editors (Acrobat Alternatives) 2023

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