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Inside Dee Devlin’s extravagant life with Conor McGregor from yacht holidays and red carpet events to raising three kids

SHE’S got all a girl wants – an adoring family, jet-set lifestyle and a designer wardrobe to boot.

Dee Devlin, 36, is best known as the other half of UFC legend Conor McGregor.

Instagram / @thenotoriousmma
Dee Devlin leads a lifestyle to envy[/caption]
Dee Devlin cherishes her family life
Dee Devlin often cuts a glam figure in designer dresses[/caption]
Dee Devlin enjoys a glam life since Conor McGregor shot to fame

He is the superstar sportsman, who lives life to the full and boasted that he is closing in on a $1billion fortune.

But it is Irish beauty Dee who provides the glam in their romance.

The blonde, who was often seen watching her man ringside in the Octagon, shares her incredible existence on Instagram to her 1.8 million followers.

From splashing the cash on designer wear to lavish yacht holidays and cherished family moments, SunSport takes a look inside Dee’s way of life.

She’s come a long way

The Dublin-native met Notorious in 2008. They grew up in nearby towns, had mutual pals and laid eyes on each other in a nightclub where Dee was working.

They’ve come a long since the Walkinstown days.

She was Conor’s rock as he rose through the MMA ranks to become a UFC champ and box office draw.

As his wealth grew, her life experiences changed and she is now as fashionable as ever.

Designer threads come with the territory of being a Wag, and she is often clad in Prada or Dior dresses and Louis Vuitton wear when she attends a red carpet event.

Back in August, Notorious celebrated his missus on her birthday by buying her some astonishing gifts.

He headed straight to Chanel where he coughed up over £11,000 on two designer handbags, a pair of trainers and some sandals for his beloved.

Conor also added a Louis Vuitton Capucine bag priced at around £4,000 to her present bundle, showing his generosity and love for his beloved.

On red carpets with her partner Dee always looks the part[/caption]
Designer handbags were gifted as a present to Dee on her birthday
These included a Chanel 22 bag worth over £5,000

Hey big spender

Splashing out for Dee’s birthday is a regular theme.

When it was her 35th, a luxuriously posh dinner was the order of the day.

She was whisked to the island of Mallorca by private jet, where a romantic candlelit table was set at the exclusive Lume & Co restaurant.

They ordered Tomahawk steak for £104, and celebrated in style as they were surrounded by balloons in a private room.

And a McGregor night out would not be complete without a bottle of his own Proper No. Twelve Irish Whisky.

The couple shared a kiss as they marked Dee’s birthday with a day to remember.

They then finished off the night by tucking into a huge two-tier birthday cake decorated with flowers and macarons.

It said at the top: “Happy Birthday Dee & Mom.”

Dee was clearly impressed by the effort McGregor had made for her.

For her 35th birthday, McGregor whisked Dee to an exclusive Mallorca restaurant
Instagram / @thenotoriousmma
Dee flew by private jet[/caption]
Sealed with a kiss, Dee and McGregor enjoyed fine dining at Lume & Co

She wrote on her Instagram account following the magical celebrations: “Thank you Daddy for the best birthday ever.”

Fancy new motor

Lucky for Dee, McGregor makes sure she’s never bored of her motor.

Through the years, he has bought her a new car – even though it looks like he does most of the driving if you look have seen his fancy car collection.

Most recently, he added a £130,000 Range Rover to her garage.

The Notorious shared a video of himself gifting Devlin the silver motor on Instagram.

As a stunned Devlin looked on at her latest gift, McGregor said: “Wow, look at this.”

The proud father of three then added: “That is an absolute beauty. All the kids into the back of that.”

Luxury motors are important to Dee and Conor McGregor
Dee shows off a new purchase – a £130k Range Rover

Diamonds are Dee’s best friend

While cars are clearly important to Devlin and McGregor, it’s jewellery that she just adores and she owns some stunning pieces .

The pair finally got engaged in 2020, with the Irishman presenting her with a huge sparkler on her 33rd birthday.

Dee showed it off on social media, with McGregor sharing the pic and captioning the photo: “What a birthday, my future wife!”

According to experts, it looks to be around 7 carat in size.

It has been estimated to be worth north of £100,000.

Dee is also a fan of the stacked bangle look, and is often seen with her rose gold and diamond pave bangles from Cartier wrapped around a wrist. At around £30,000 a pair, they don’t come cheap.

Rolex is her go-to watch brand, and she owns several Datejust models with a diamond bezel – each priced between £6,000 – £12,000.

Her other watch is a Rolex Daytona with a rubber strap that costs over a whopping £35,000.

Dee’s engagement could have cost over £100k according to experts
Bangles worth over £30k from Cartier decorate Dee’s wrist
Dee is also a fan of Rolex watches

Holiday envy

As sports Wags go, Dee’s must be the most travelled.

McGregor owns a £3million super yacht made by Lamborghini.

Often, Dee is posed on it, enjoying the sunshine and the sea at a glamorous location.

They recently enjoyed a family holiday in Mallorca, where she soaked up some sun with kids Conor Jr, Croai, and Rian.

If not by plane, it’s private helicopter that helps the McGregor family jet around the world
McGregor and Devlin shares some amazing experiences abroad
Family time is key to their experience[/caption]
Instagram @thenotoriousmma
Disney World is ticked off the box for the McGregor family[/caption]
Instagram / @thenotoriousmma
Dee relaxes on board McGregor’s Lamborghini yacht[/caption]

Sporting a pregnant belly, she looked radiant as ever.

Just a few months ago, McGregor was seen kissing her stomach on a break to the French riviera.

Back in 2021, they enjoyed some culture in Rome for Rian’s reported baptism at the Vatican, before touring the city.

While Miami is another favourite stop, where they posed for snaps with a seal at an aquarium.

Spending time with her children is clearly important to Dee, with her Instagram page an ode to her life as a mum.

Soon they are set to welcome a fourth child to their brood. And what a life they will have, if mum’s is anything to go by.

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