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3 Things We Learned From the Chicago Bears in Week 10

The Chicago Bears came out on top on Thursday Night Football against the Carolina Panthers in Week 10.

SportsGrid looks at what we’ve learned from the Bears.

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1. The Bears Run Defense Did Their Job

It’s no secret that with a rookie quarterback in Carolina, they have a big focus on running the football. The Panthers have a two-headed rushing attack with Miles Sanders and Chuba Hubbard, but the Bears’ run defense didn’t allow them to do any damage on Thursday night. Run defense has been a strength for this Bears group, even in a relatively difficult season. With the Bears rebuilding, it’s essential to highlight the positives and things that you can get excited about for the future. This run defense is sustainable and will be an important part of this team when they eventually turn the corner to be an NFC North contender. 

2. Chicago Sits in a Great Spot With Draft Capital 

There’s a question that many wonder about in the NFL. How quickly can you turn around a franchise? Many variables are at play, but the biggest might be, do you have a quarterback, or can you draft a high-end one that projects well? The Bears have Justin Fields, and although there’s merit to him leading this group moving forward, they have to pounce if there’s a chance to draft Caleb Williams or Drake Maye. Both project as future franchise quarterbacks, and you can debate if Fields deserves to be included in that group. The Bears own the Panthers first-round pick in 2024, which sits as a top-two pick after Week 10. In addition, the Bears’ selection is in the hunt for a top-five pick, meaning this draft class will be crucial for Chicago. 

3. Tyson Bagent Experience Ends With Mixed Bag

Tyson Bagent has filled in as the Chicago Bears starting quarterback with Fields sidelined. Fields is expected to return as the Bears signal-caller in Week 11 against the Detroit Lions. At times, Bagent looked out of his element during his five games of experience, but that was to be expected. Bagent’s stats weren’t overly flattering, especially his three touchdowns to six interceptions ratio. It’s difficult to expect a lot from a backup quarterback, let alone one making their NFL debut. In our eyes, Bagent earned himself a spot in the league, whether as a backup quarterback or on the practice squad. When you consider where he came from, that’s a significant accomplishment.

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Top 10 Live TV Moments That Left Us Speechless

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Шапки женские вязаные на Wildberries, зима 2024 — новый цвет от 392 руб. (модель 466)

Шапки женские вязаные на Wildberries, зима 2024 — новый цвет от 392 руб. (модель 466)

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