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We visited the UK’s bougiest garden centre – the food menu is so posh, it’s not pensioner vibes at all

WHEN you think about visiting a garden centre, it’s usually for plants and flowers.

You might also be able to pick up some gorgeous Christmas decorations or small gifts.

This has been hailed the ‘bougiest’ garden centre[/caption]
The garden centre offers up sourdough french toast with berries[/caption]
Homegrown Garden Centre is 20 minutes away from Glasgow[/caption]

But it’s rare that the cafe would cause much excitement beyond the usual traybakes, soup and coffees.

So a garden centre just 20 minutes away from Glasgow has caused a huge frenzy with its mouth-watering food menu – and the homeware section is just as impressive.

Homegrown Garden Centre is based on Lochend Road in Gartcosh, a tiny village in Lanarkshire.

It only opened last year, with bosses promising it offers “something new in a unique and inspiring setting”.

And visitors have already hailed it the “bougiest” garden centre ever with others desperate to go.

Twin brothers Kevin and Kieran D’Arcy, from Glasgow, said on TikTok  (@foodthirst_): “Can you guys believe this is garden centre food?

“We headed to Homegrown which is a bougie new garden centre just outside of Glasgow.

“I don’t know about you guys but I’ve never been to a garden centre that looks like this before.

“I’m used to pensioner-looking ones. But this stuff is really nice, I want my flat to look like this.”

But the siblings said it was the food that was the “star of the show”, adding: “Look how nice the presentation is, and it tastes even better.

“If you’re an Instagram girlie, all about those shots, it’s all about the egg shakshuka.

“It’s a little bit spenny though. If you’re after value for money I would definitely get the sandwiches, they’re only about £8 and a full meal.

“Everything’s beautifully presented. Everyone was staring when our food came to the table and it felt great.”

The cafe’s popular dishes include sourdough french toast with fresh berries and ricotta, smoked bacon club sandwich with a fried egg on top, and a bright pink beetroot latte.

Homegrown bosses said: “We believe in keeping everything as fresh and local as possible.

“From our choice of suppliers to our team of talented chefs and in house baker, we strive to provide a vibrant menu full of delicious dishes and sweet treats.”

And they’ve been inundated with rave reviews from social media users who have travelled through for a look and a bite to eat.

One gushed: “This is genuinely the prettiest garden centre ever. The food was honestly 10/10. It’s so pretty and aesthetic.”

A second wrote: “A great place for aesthetically pleasing homeware decor, the cafe is not to be missed! A garden centre designed for millennials and gen z’s.”

Another visitor added: “I’m not a gardener but I love a garden centre and this is the bougiest, most modern one I have ever seen.

“The homeware stuff was incredible. There’s something just calming about walking through a garden centre. After a wee wander we went upstairs to the café.

“This is by far the fanciest garden centre café I have ever been to. I was honestly blown away at how nice the food was in this café.

“Although for the price I would expect nothing less.

“I really can’t fault the food, honestly it was all amazing. If garden centres aren’t your thing, still go and check out the café.”

While a fourth simply wrote: “The most boujie garden centre ever.”

Visitors hailed their Instagram-worthy food[/caption]
Homegrown has been inundated with gushing reviews[/caption]
They even serve a beetroot latte[/caption]
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Solitaire Golf - card game

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