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Tiny parking space in ‘prime London location’ is barely wide enough to open car door but can be yours for ‘bargain’ £50k

A TINY parking space in a “prime” London location can be yours for a “bargain” price of £50,000 – even though there’s barely enough room to open a car door.

The poky bay is up for sale in the swish neighbourhood of Knightsbridge in the West of the capital, which has been home to celebs like former Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich and Oasis drummer Alan White.

A tiny parking space in West London has gone up for sale[/caption]
Drivers will have to shell out £50,000 to own the minuscule bay[/caption]

Located next to a large Grade II Listed terrace, it is just six and a half feet by 18 feet.

This is a fair bit smaller than the 7.8 feet by 15.7 feet recommended by the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation.

In practice, there is barely enough room for a standard sedan and almost no way to fit an MPV or 4×4 in.

The hefty price tag may be something to do with the fact that the bay is within a short walk of luxury department store Harrods and the iconic Royal Albert Hall.

The bay will be sold as a leasehold, with 960 years left on the agreement.

For reference, a similar sum would fetch a two-bedroom end-of-terrace house in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, or a one-bedroom flat in Leeds, Yorkshire, according to Rightmove.

There is also an annual service charge of £250.

For your money, you will get ownership of the parking space including two fob-operated automated gates, access to water and CCTV security.

The listing from estate agency Nicolas Van Patrick read: “A single allocated parking space with in a small garage which is sandwiched between Rutland Gate and Ennismore Mews.

“The space is approximately 2 metres wide by 5.5 metres long, with good height.

“With two automated gates operated by fobs and CCTV the garage is considered to be very secure. It also benefits from access to water.”

Patrick Alverado, co-founder of NVP, added: “This parking space is best suited for left-hand drive cars as then you can get out unencumbered.”

It comes after drivers were warned that they faced £100 fines from next month with new parking laws being introduced in some parts of the country.

Meanwhile, a driver who switched from a petrol motor to an EV detailed the unexpected upside that made the extra hassle and cost worth it.

That’s the same price as a two-bedroom house in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire[/caption]
The space is located in the sought-after area of Knightsbridge, which has been home to celebs like Roman Abramovich[/caption]
Your investment will be protected by fob-operated gates and CCTV[/caption]
Drivers can park up within walking distance of Harrods and the Royal Albert Hall[/caption]
Just don’t try and fit any particularly chunky 4x4s in or you might be caught short

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Solitaire Golf - card game

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