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Guest slammed for ‘revealing’ dress at friend’s wedding – and it’s so sheer you can see her belly button

A WEDDING guest has received backlash over her “revealing” dress choice for her friend’s big day.

Fashion influencer Nadia Bartel posted pics of her in the risqué look at the reception.

Fashion influencer Nadia received mixed reactions after wearing a black see-through dress to a friend’s wedding[/caption]

In the shots, Nadia (@nadiabartel) showed off her impressive figure in a see-through black dress.

The content creator wore the sheer look to the nuptials of her fashion designer friend Effie Kat.

The formal affair took place at the high-end State Library in Melbourne, Australia.

Nadia and several of her friends were pictured wearing outfits that many regarded as inappropriate for the day.

Her dress featured a black strapless top and a matching mini skirt covered in a layer of sheer fabric.

Nadia’s abs weren’t the only ones on display as one of her friends showed off her own toned midriff in a black cutout dress.

The third woman pictured also wore a black see-through dress, which featured a plunging back.

While the trio were abiding by the wedding’s black dress code, many online users were not sold on the looks.

In the Instagram comments section, one follower wrote: “Sorry but not sorry. For a wedding, this style of clothing is not appropriate.”

Under a second post from the day, another person called the outfit a “horrific dress.”

According to the Daily Star, another online user agreed the look was “definitely too revealing.”

On the other hand, some of Nadia’s followers shared their love for the dress.

“Wow, this is absolutely stunning,” commented one impressed Instagram user.

Another person pointed out: “Effie Kats [is a] fashion designer, I’m sure she would have loved all of their outfits!”

“My all-time favourite look on you Nadia,” wrote a third person.

Nadia showed her followers a full-length shot of the sheer dress, which some people called ‘too revealing’
Nadia and her friends posed in their black dresses, which she said abided by the wedding’s dress code

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