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Exclusive Vodafone deal offers ‘all-rounder’ Samsung phone for £21p/m & ZERO upfront

BUYMOBILES is offering a mid-range Samsung smartphone in an exclusive deal that’s only available for Sun readers.

You can snap up the Samsung Galaxy A54 with 52GB data for £21 per month, and pay £0 upfront.

Pay nothing upfront for the mid-range Samsung Galaxy A54 with our exclusive deal with Buymobiles
  • Samsung Galaxy A54, 52GB data, £21p/m, £35 £0 upfront with promo code SUNA54V – buy from Buymobiles

This 2023 handset is available on the Buymobiles site via a Vodafone pay-monthly plan.

Normally you’d have to pay £35 upfront for this device, but Buymobiles has offered Sun readers an exclusive discount bringing that cost down to zero.

You’ll just need to enter SUNA54V when you head to the checkout.

The A54 was released in March this year, but you’d be forgiven for not noticing – If you’re struggling to keep up with the sheer volume of Samsung smartphones on the market, you won’t be alone.

It came in the wake of the launch of the latest flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S23, which was released a month earlier and diverted most industry attention.

Which is a shame, since Samsung’s commitment to the middle of the market should be lauded, with its A series of smartphones.

They’ve carved out an impressive space for Android shoppers who don’t need the all the cutting-edge specs and features of pricier handsets.

In fact, the Galaxy A54 was actually among the handsets we featured in the best budget mobile round-up we published last month.

In this article we wrote: ‘Kind of like middle siblings, mid-range smartphones like the A54 can often get overlooked, caught between the dirt-cheap prices of budget handsets and the bells and whistles of flagships.’

Honestly though, those monthly prices suggest it’s a far more budget-end mobile than it really is.

No, it might not be playing in the same league as recent S series phones, but the Galaxy A54 still has plenty of eye-catching credentials.

There’s the 6.4-inch AMOLED display: compare that to 4.7-inch screen of Apple’s most recent budget-friendly smartphone, the iPhone SE 3.

It’s also built in sturdy Gorilla glass casing, and as an in-screen fingerprint sensor. The internal processor is a new improvement upon that in its predecessor, the Galaxy A53.

The SIM-free Galaxy A54 is currently available SIM-free for £499 on Amazon, where it’s earned a number of positive reviews from shoppers.

One buyer describes it as a ‘great all-round phone’, adding: ‘Very simple to use. Camera is awesome.’

Another shopper writes: ‘I’ve used it for a couple of months now and it’s brilliant… worth every penny I spent on it.’

We have a feeling the SIM-free device will drop in price as we get nearer Black Friday, which is now less than a fortnight away.

But if you way it on a pay-monthly basis, this exclusive deal end on Sunday (19th November).

  • Samsung Galaxy A54, 52GB data, £21p/m, £35 £0 upfront with promo code SUNA54V – buy from Buymobiles

A whole wave of early-bird offers on contracts has already been launched by a number of providers – you’ll find our favourites on our Black Friday phone deals and best Samsung deals pages.

Just last week our tech deals writer Tom Tyers spotted that Amazon shoppers were rushing to buy the 2022 Samsung Galaxy S22 for £499, down from £769.

Keener on an iPhone? Among this wave of Android offers is still the odd gem of an Apple discount: the iPhone 14, which hit the market in September last year, is now at its lowest price ever.

Best Early Black Friday Deals 2023

BLACK Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching, and we're already seeing some early discounts from retailers. Here are our top picks from the sales so far:

*If you click on a link in this boxout we will earn affiliate revenue

  • Oodie Hooded Blanket, £35.60 (save £53) – buy here
  • Simba Mattress, save up to 45% – shop here
  • L’OR Coffee Machine Bundle, £59 (save £105) – buy here
  • Emma Mattress, up to 65% off w/ code THESUN – shop here
  • Ninja 10-in-1 Air Fryer, £149.99 (save £100) – buy here
  • Sky Stream, £19p/m (lowest price ever) – buy here
  • Virgin Broadband, get 3 months FREE – shop here
  • Aspinal of London, save 20% – shop here
  • PS5 Call of Duty MW3 Bundle, £410 (save £130) – buy here
  • Shinco Dehumidifier, £120 (save £40) – buy here
  • Echo Flex, £5 (Save £20) – buy here
  • Elemis Pro-Collagen Bundle, £66 (save £84) – buy here

All Amazon’s Black Friday deals – shop here
All John Lewis’ Black Friday deals – shop here

Read More:

On the hunt for more early discounts? We’ve got a list of live offers on our best Black Friday deals page.

For more info about the epic shopping event, head to our when is Black Friday explainer.

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Шапки и капоры женские на Wildberries (от 392 руб.) + три новые модели 2024

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Шапки и капоры женские на Wildberries (от 392 руб.) + три новые модели 2024

Горнолыжный комплекс Кольской АЭС станет одним из 12 курортов, принимающих Кубок России

Мобильный пункт обследования на ВИЧ откроется в Горно-Алтайске

2023, Школа -министр культуры Бурятии Соелма Дагаева, министерство культуры Бурятии: БАЙКАЛЬСКАЯ ТЕАТРАЛЬНАЯ ШКОЛА - Россия, Культура, Театр, Дети

Суд продлил на два месяца арест журналиста WSJ Гершковича

«112»: в результате ДТП на Киевском шоссе в Москве погибли два человека

Чысхаан передал символ холода Дед Морозу в Москве!

Силовики задержали бывшего министра транспорта Чувашии Осипова

Один человек погиб в ДТП на Киевском шоссе с участием трех автомобилей

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ONE YEAR LATER: Intel Arc GPU Drivers, Bugs, & Huge Improvements

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