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Major car brand’s surprise new EV dubbed ‘living room on wheels’ with home theatre & noise cancellation tech

A MAJOR car brand’s surprise new EV has been dubbed a “living room on wheels” after including home theatre and noise cancelling tech.

The motors giant unveiled the six-seater electric car as its first foray into the world of MPVs.

Volvo’s new electric MPV has been dubbed a ‘living room on wheels’[/caption]
The plush interior features six airline-style seats[/caption]

The new Volvo EM90 features two rows of airline-style luxury seating behind the front seats split up by a central aisle.

Its minimalist interior boasts very little except the steering wheel, central console and infotainment screen.

That’s not to say, though, that it lacks fancy features, with a second, roof-mounted screen measuring 15.6 inches and able to fold down to turn the minivan’s interior into “a theatre, meeting room or a bedroom” at the push of a button.

This is accompanied by changes in the seats, windows, air con and lighting to match the mood.

The screens are both compatible with a “wide variety” of apps and support smartphone projection, according to a statement from the manufacturer.

The EM90 has a stated range of a whopping 498 miles from a full charge of its 116kWh battery, which Volvo claims can charge from 10% to 80% in under half an hour.

It also features tech to allow “bi-directional charging”, effectively turning it into a portable charger, allowing drivers to charge other EVs and devices.

And there are plenty of driver assistance features, with all-around sensors, HD cameras and ultrasonic radar system all designed to help you move around tight spaces with ease.

However, there is a catch in that it has not yet been confirmed whether the model will make it to the UK.

It will first be released in China, with no word on plans beyond the initial run.

This also means that the stated range is based on the China-specific CLC testing standard, which may differ from the British testing regime.

Volvo CEO Jim Rowan said: “The Volvo EM90 is a supremely comfortable electric car with a smart cabin, fast charging, a competitive driving range, Volvo’s unique design language and a high level of premium in every detail.

“But far more important is what it does for you. It gives you room to connect. Room to create. Room to relax. Room for you and for those around you.”

The Volvo EM90 is currently available for pre-order in China, starting from around £92,000.

It comes after Ford owners were informed of a little-known button that could help them avoid deadly crashes or hefty fines.

Meanwhile, a McLaren driver was clocked hurtling along the M5 at 137mph, as cops revealed the year’s worst speeders.

The roof-mounted screen can turn it into a ‘theatre, a meeting room or a bedroom’ at the push of a button[/caption]
The motor also has a stated range of a whopping 458 miles[/caption]
However, it will initially only be available in China[/caption]
The luxury MPV also comes with a hefty price tag of around £92,000[/caption]

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On this day in history, December 9, 1965, 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' debuts to popular acclaim — latest news 24/7. You can add your news instantly now — here

News Every Day

On this day in history, December 9, 1965, 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' debuts to popular acclaim

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On this day in history, December 9, 1965, 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' debuts to popular acclaim

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