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The Masked Singer I’m A Celebrity Special cast: Which characters and judges are taking part in the ITV show?

THE Masked Singer has once again been given a jungle makeover for a special episode.

The hit ITV show is treating fans to another I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! version of the show.

Don’t miss The Masked Singer I’m A Celebrity special

Which characters are taking part in The Masked Singer: I’m A Celebrity Special?

This TV special sees two of ITV’s biggest shows joining forces.

To celebrate I’m A Celebrity 2023 kicking off, The Masked Singer is giving fans a treat.

Former jungle campmate, and regular host, Joel Dommett will once again presided over this TV extravaganza.   

There are four contestants taking part are all former I’m A Celebrity campmates.

Huntsman Spider

A graphic looking spider is one of the new characters for the Masked Singer[/caption]

The Huntsman is one of the characters hoping to wow the judges with their singing skills.

Over the years, many of the celebrities have had to face their fair share of spiders.

But which past campmate is underneath this elaborate costume?


I’m A Celebrity fans will also be left guessing by the Elvis-style wombat[/caption]

Wombats are native to Australia, so this is why this fluffy character is part of the line-up.

However, in real life the animal looks a lot different to the masked singer posing as one in this I’m a Celebrity special.

Their costume is a Elvis style jumpsuit, which could be a clue as to who they are.

Bearded dragon

One celebrity transforms into a glamorous bearded dragon[/caption]

Meet the flamboyant Bearded Dragon.

The character comes complete with a shock blue hair and a sparkly dress.

Back in 2018, Harry Redknapp faced a number of reptiles, including lizards, pythons and bearded dragons – could that be a clue?


All the campmates fear the dreaded Dunny[/caption]

Every former I’m a Celebrity campmate will be well aware of the Dunny.

It’s often dreaded by the cast, especially those who have been stuck with the chore of cleaning it each day.

Perhaps that is a clue as to who is lurking beneath the loo.

Who are the judges in The Masked Singer: I’m A Celebrity special?

It falls on the judging panel to guess who is underneath the masks.

And your favourite judging panel was back for the I’m A Celebrity special.

Regular judges Jonathan RossRita OraDavina McCall, and Mo Gilligan had the job of trying to figure out who the singers were.

Meanwhile, host Joel Dommett previously teased “exciting plans” for The Masked Singer I’m A Celebrity special.

Speaking to, he said: “We may or may not have some very exciting specials in the works.

“It feels like it really worked last year, people really liked the I’m a Celeb special and it felt like a really lovely introduction to the entire series…

“It works really well, and so, yeah, hopefully we’ve got some specials planned this year – but I won’t tell you what they are or whether they’re happening… wink, wink.”

When is The Masked Singer: I’m A Celebrity special on TV?

The Masked Singer: I’m A Celebrity kicks off right before the new series of I’m A Celebs starts.

You can watch it on November 19, 2023 at 7.30pm on ITV and ITVX.

The main show will then start directly afterwards at 9pm.


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