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My Amazon bikini haul gave me ‘hot mom alert,’ I’m 5’7″, 130 lbs and have two kids, the styles are sassy and sexy

A HOT mama wasn’t shy about flaunting her figure in her Amazon bikinis.

The mom of two felt sexy in her own body – and she couldn’t wait to show it all off.

A hot mama felt sexier than ever in the swimsuits she found from Amazon

“Amazon bathing suit try on haul,” said Kirstin Morabito (@stylesandsass).

The Michigan native slipped into a black swimsuit with see-through material in the middle.

“We are starting off with a bang. Do you see how sassy and sexy this one is? Are you kidding me? Like hot mom alert.”

The next mom bod approved bikini – with matching skirt – had colorful swirls and extra coverage on the bottom that was giving her a boost of confidence.

The $7.99 Gorglitter allover print suit from Amazon featured stretchy material and a silver ring detail in between the triangle cups.

“It is like 2000 vibes,” she explained.

The under $10 find had plenty of fans – and five-star reviews.

“Fits as expected! very pretty on as well,” wrote one satisfied swimsuit purchaser.

“For this amount of money I would buy again and again. Very nice,” another Amazon shopper remarked.

The 5’7″ 130 pound mom’s next set featuring a triangle bikini top and midi-length skirt in blue hues already had her picturing herself poolside.

“The print looks like water,” she gushed.

The $30.99 Gorglitter graphic swimsuit with high-cut thong was described as having a regular fit and breathable fabric.

Other customers were also loving the look.

“Perfect fit, color and sexiness,” said one enthused purchaser.

“Love this suit and cover up. Finding decent swimwear on Amazon is a hit or miss but this one was worth it,” wrote another buyer.

While the bottoms were a bit cheekier, she didn’t seem to mind given the overall cuteness.

For those who preferred something a bit more understated, Kirstin had even more three-piece perfection to pull out of her magic haul hat.

She explained how the brown bikini top and matching skirt with swirls was for all the neutral loving girlies out there.

The durable $31.99 Gorglitter three-piece criss-cross bikini set had a solid high waist and tie knot back.

“I’m just a sucker and I love these three-piece suits that come with a skirt.”

“Nice material, very cute, true to size,” wrote another happy customer.

The suit set also seemed to have a slimming effect for some.

“The skirt hides your thighs, the top holds your boobs. It is a little hard to figure out the top at first, but once you got it, you got it. My trip to Jamaica was perfect because of this suit!”

“If you’re a D-cup, make sure you tie it tight or you might give someone a show! Very cute and the material was of good quality,” said another five-star review.

While Kirstin loved all her fashionable finds, her fans had their own favorites.

“Love that water inspired one on you!” wrote one impressed follower.

“That’s a fun one!” the summer dreaming swimsuit lover replied.

The 5’7″ mom was loving the 2000s era vibe and detailing on this three-piece suit
She also appreciated the extra coverage on the bottom – and it seemed to be giving her a boost of confidence
She was able to show off her sexy side – and shape – in this neutral colored ensemble
She wasn’t shy about showing off every curve of her beach ready bod
She was already dreaming of her next poolside party in this affordable find that resembled water[/caption]

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Snowy Cabin in Norway, Wind and Fireplace Sounds for Sleep and Study

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Шапки женские вязаные на Wildberries, зима 2024 — новый цвет от 392 руб. (модель 466)

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Нюша устала от обмана и начинает все заново

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Medivh's Story (2020) The Last Guardian - All Cinematics & Cutscenes [Warcraft 3: Reforged Lore]

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