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Laura Anderson cruelly mum-shamed over ‘sunburnt baby’ as she strips off to a bikini in Dubai

LAURA Anderson was accused of letting her baby get sunburn on her first holiday abroad.

The Love Island star jetted off to Dubai with her daughter Bonnie and soaked up the sunshine on the beach.

Laura Anderson showed off her figure in a two piece swimsuit in Dubai

She shared a selection of snaps of her holding Bonnie in the shade, who was also wearing sunglasses and an adorable hat.

While most fans radiated positivity, several accused Laura of letting her daughter get sunburned.

“Face looks red on baby but nice shot enjoy,” one wrote.

In since-deleted comments, other mum-shamers also commented on the colour of Bonnie’s skin.

The mum, who gave birth in September this year, left her fans stunned as she flaunted her figure.

“Jesus Christ how have you got your body back so quick,” one asked.

“U look amazing… fair play to you!” a second added.

“Omg how did you get your figure back so fast ? Breast feeding ? You look amazing,” a third chimed.

Laura, 34, and Hollyoaks actor Gary Lucy, 41, welcomed their baby girl to the world after being in an on/off relationship since 2022.

Just days before Laura gave birth it was revealed that the couple had reunited, and she later dropped a clue to confirm they’re an item again.

But after sharing the news of Bonnie’s birth, Laura asked her fans not to ask questions about her relationship with Gary.

Last month she caused speculation after sharing a quote about marriage.

It read: “When you meet the right person – you want a marriage, not just a wedding.

“You want a family, not just a baby.

“You want a home, not just a house.

“You want a future, not just promises.”

She later shared a video of her, Bonnie and her pooch with the caption of “three musketeers”.

Laura has been very real about holidaying with a young baby.

She shared a photo of her holding Bonnie and wrote: “Stressed knackered Don’t know what I’m doing, high fives to all the parents who take their kids on holiday.”

Laura is staying in a gorgeous £300,000 villa during her stay in Dubai.

She flew first-class to the UAE and gave fans a tour of the spacious hotel room she was staying in.

The swanky villa boasts a golf course, a park and playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts, skating and jogging tracks, and a fishing lake.

There’s also stables and an in-land beach pool surrounded by palm trees.

Laura shared a behind-the-scenes glimpse on her first day at the resort and beamed in a bikini while holding her firstborn.

She shared another snap of Bonnie resting on her beach lounger and beneath a cover, writing over the top: “Bs first holiday, BRB crying!”

Laura was trolled by mum-shamers who claimed Bonnie was sunburned
It is Bonnie’s first holiday and Laura has been open and honest about the experience
Laura and Gary welcomed Bonnie in September this year[/caption]

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