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10 Players With the Best Fantasy Playoff Schedules

The fantasy football postseason is fast approaching! Whether you’re looking to make a move before the trade deadline or are unsure if you should deal a player, it’s smart to know who has the best matchups in Weeks 15-17 when we play for all the fantasy football marbles! Here are 10 players who have the most favorable postseason matchups, so you should either target them in trades or hold on to them tight!

Lamar Jackson, QB, Ravens

AP Photo/Nick Wass

Jackson has one of the best postseason schedules among quarterbacks based on Fantasy Points Data, as he’ll face favorable matchups against the Jaguars and Dolphins. Their defenses are sixth and 11th against fantasy quarterbacks. He does face the 49ers in his toughest matchup, but Jackson is in a good spot overall.

Kyler Murray, QB, Cardinals

Murray is back in action (finally), and his fantasy postseason slate is one of the best from a statistical perspective. He does face the Niners defense in Week 15, but Murray finishes with plus matchups against the Bears and Eagles. Those have been two of the five most generous defenses against fantasy quarterbacks this season.

Bijan Robinson, RB, Falcons

Robinson has been a bit of a disappointment overall this season, so consider him a nice buy-low candidate heading into the stretch run. He has great matchups in the fantasy postseason, facing the Panthers, Colts and Bears. All three of those units are among the most generous to backs, with the Panthers and Colts in the top five.

Derrick Henry, RB, Titans

Henry has one of the easiest schedules among backs in the fantasy playoffs, as he’ll face the Texans twice and the Seahawks. He has owned Houston during his career, rushing for over 200 yards against them four different times since 2019 including twice in 2020 and once last season. Henry should lead you to a league title.

Najee Harris, RB, Steelers

Harris has been better in recent weeks, scoring 14-plus points in three of his last four games. He also has a favorable fantasy playoff slate, facing the Colts, Bengals and Seahawks. Indianapolis and Seattle have both been generous to enemy backs this season, and Cincinnati just gave up a huge stat line to Devin Singletary.

Garrett Wilson, WR, Jets

Wilson’s ceiling might have been lowered once the Jets lost Aaron Rodgers, but he’s still putting up good totals for fantasy managers even with Zach Wilson under center. Two of his three opponents in the fantasy postseason are favorable, too, as he goes up against the Dolphins and Commanders before a tougher test in Cleveland.

DK Metcalf, WR, Seahawks

Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports

Metcalf’s totals have been uneven in recent weeks, so it might be a good time to buy low. He should shine in the fantasy postseason, as he will face the Eagles, Titans and Steelers. Philadelphia has given it up to opposing wide receivers at the highest rate in the NFL, and Tennessee is sixth in terms of points allowed to the position.

Marquise Brown, WR, Cardinals

Brown has some favorable matchups upcoming against the Steelers, 49ers, Bears and Seahawks, and those final three games all come during fantasy’s postseason weeks. Brown will also be catching passes from Kyler Murray, who has returned to action and has a nice rapport with his wideout. Brown is a nice trade target.

T.J. Hockenson, TE, Vikings

Hockenson continues to put up great totals for fantasy managers, even without his quarterback, Kirk Cousins. Joshua Dobbs liked to throw to his tight ends in Arizona, and that’s been the same in two games with Minnesota. Hockenson has a nice postseason slate as well, facing the Bengals and his former team, the Lions.

Jake Ferguson, TE, Cowboys

Ferguson hasn’t been super consistent, but he’s definitely a big part of the Dallas pass attack. He could also be very useful in the fantasy postseason, as he goes up against the Bills, Dolphins and Lions. While Buffalo has been decent against tight ends, Miami and Detroit have been among the seven most generous defenses.

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