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Who were Sir Bobby Charlton’s brothers?

MANCHESTER UNITED legend Sir Bobby Charlton famously played football with his brother Jack at the 1966 World Cup.

The sportsman, who passed away in 2023, was actually one of four boys, though sadly only one is still alive.

Brothers Jack and Bobby Charlton are considered some of the best footballing brothers in history[/caption]

Who was Sir Bobby Charlton?

Sir Bobby Charlton was a famous footballer who died in October 2023 aged 86.

The star played for Manchester United for the majority of his career and is widely known as one of the club’s greatest-ever players. 

Charlton was one of the survivors of the 1958 Munich air crash, an incident which he would later admit he thought about “every day”.

In 1966, Charlton won England‘s first and only World Cup alongside heroes Sir Bobby Moore, Martin Peters, and his own brother Jack. 

He was also United’s all-time top goalscorer until Wayne Rooney broke the record in 2017. 

Sir Bobby was survived by his wife Norma Ball and their two children Andrea and Suzanne.

He died following a fall at a care home he was living at amid his battle with dementia.

His funeral took place on November 13, with fans and members of the public invited to celebrate the icon’s life.

Who were Bobby Charlton’s siblings? 

Charlton had three brothers – Jack, Gordon and Tommy. 

The four boys were the sons of Robert “Bob” Charlton and Elizabeth Ellen “Cissie” Charlton.

Like his brother, Jack Charlton was a football player and played alongside his sibling in the 1966 World Cup.

The entirety of his club career, however, was spent with Man Utd’s rivals Leeds United

After his playing career finished, Jack went on to manage Middlesbrough, Sheffield Wednesday and Newcastle

In 1986 he took on the manager job at Republic of Ireland, where he stayed for 10 years. 

Jack passed away in July 2020, aged 85, after suffering from dementia and lymphoma. 

He and Bobby had made amends years before his death.

The pair had fallen out in 1996 over claims Jack accused Bobby of not visiting their mother before she died.

The feud is said to have started due to Bobby’s wife, Norma, falling out with the boys’ mother.

In their later years, however, the brothers made several public appearances together, suggesting the arguments had been put behind them.

Bobby and Jack’s brother Gordon, meanwhile, stayed out of the limelight despite his brothers’ fame.

In January 2023, Jack’s son John told the Daily Star Sunday that Gordon had sadly died of the same causes as his father.

He said: “Gordon died about a month ago, of cancer, and he had dementia”.

The youngest of the Charlton brothers is Tommy, the last living member of the family.

He didn’t play football professionally but did watch his eldest two brothers win the World Cup in 1966 on TV.

Tommy once told the Telegraph: “I didn’t know where London was.

“Bob did get me a ticket but I looked at it and said, ‘What the hell am I going to do with that? I don’t know how I’ll get there, I haven’t got any money.

“The only people I could have asked for money were Bob and Jack and I wasn’t going to do that, that’s never been my way.

“I watched it at a friend’s house whose mum and dad knew nothing about football.”

Tommy has had three children with his wife Carol and the couple are also proud grandparents.

He paid tribute to his famous brothers after Bobby’s death in 2023, calling the late legend his “hero”.


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