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Premier League table without VAR revealed with Man Utd dropping down table and Tottenham two points clear at top

TOTTENHAM would be top and Manchester United out of the guaranteed European places without VAR.

Sun Sport has monitored every onfield decision changed after intervention by Stockley Park since the start of the season.

Tottenham have fallen off the top following recent defeats[/caption]

We have then adjusted the results tables to show what would have been the state of play without VAR calls changing games.

That does not include all errors made by VAR, including the wrongly-disallowed Luis Diaz goal for Liverpool at Spurs, as the flag was raised and the decision remained unaltered.

But without VAR, Tottenham’s draws at Brentford and Arsenal – both teams were awarded spot kicks which were scored – are transformed into 2-1 wins for Ange Postecoglou’s men.

United’s record of seven wins and five defeats is unaltered.

Yet Brighton’s 1-1 draw at Everton becomes an away win as Lewis Dunk’s spectacular volley counts as an early equaliser, allowing the Seagulls to move up two places into sixth with United and Newcastle both dropping one place.

Over the first 12 weeks of the campaign there have been 26 altered decisions, including 11 goals disallowed and seven penalties awarded – all of which have been converted.

In terms of actual decisions, Nottingham Forest have been the biggest beneficiaries of VAR, with three calls their way – two in the draw with Burnley and one in the defeat at Liverpool – and none against.

Arsenal and Chelsea have also had three VAR overturns in their favour, balanced out by three going against them.

Tottenham would sitll be top of the Premier League if not for VAR


Mikel Arteta’s side, though, are one point better off, as the “defeat” by Spurs is countered by a “win” at Stamford Bridge, since the early penalty call against William Saliba disappears.

Burnley, Liverpool, United and Spurs have all had three overturns against them.

In the case of United, though, none of them have impacted the match results, only the scoreline.

Alejandro Garnacho’s VAR offside goal at the Emirates is balanced by the penalty that would have been given for the home side when Anthony Taylor was advised to change his mind after Kai Havertz went down in the United box.

United still lose to Brighton even if the Rasmus Hojlund goal – ruled out as the ball was deemed out of play – stands.

Manchester City were comfortable winners in the recent derby at Old Trafford and Bruno Fernandes scored the late winner at Fulham after Scott McTominay’s “opener” was annulled.

There are few changes in position lower down the table with all the teams from West Ham in ninth down to Luton in 18th staying where they are.

But Burnley and Sheffield United flip places with Vincent Kompany’s side two points and a place better off as they earn a “win” at Nottingham Forest with Lyle Foster’s late strike no longer chalked off for a Sander Berge handball in the build-up.

Luton, West Ham and Wolves have still not had a VAR overturn in any of their matches so far.


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Medivh's Story (2020) The Last Guardian - All Cinematics & Cutscenes [Warcraft 3: Reforged Lore]

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