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The best Black Friday streaming deals 2023

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Someone holding a remote control of a smart TV with a blurred background showing a streaming app menu.

Black Friday streaming deals are fast approaching and often present the very best time of year to save some serious cash on a range of streaming services. 

This can vary between a big discount on the annual price or sometimes an extremely low price for the first few months on a one-month rolling contract - meaning you're free to cancel at any time. So, if you want to commit long-term to a service you've been dipping in and out of in recent months, this could be a great time to strike. Or if you've been meaning to try something new or just want to rinse a service for a few boxsets on the cheap, then bolt; this is the time to do it as they'll be amongst the best Black Friday deals of the whole event. 

With so many streaming services to choose from, it doesn't take long before you total bills rivaling a full-on cable service, sometimes leaving that cord-cutting dream in tatters. But Black Friday streaming deals can help you regain control and put some cash back in your wallet. If you'd like to learn more about the apps before you dive in, check out our best streaming services and best live TV streaming services guides.

While we wait for Black Friday to get closer, there's a look at the current streaming deals available just below. We've also highlighted some of the best offers from the previous Black Friday to get an idea of what to expect in 2023. 

Early Black Friday streaming deals 

When do Black Friday streaming deals start?

Black Friday takes place on November 24, the day after Thanksgiving, but we expect the best streaming offers to arrive before then. Mostly, they'll be live by what we call 'Black Friday week,' which starts on Monday (the 20th).

What sort of Black Friday streaming deals should you expect?

Last year, one of the key highlights was Hulu dropping prices to $1.99 a month for an entire year on its ad-supported tier. There are enough solid box sets and movies at that price to make it worth a go for less than the price of a coffee each month. You could have also added Disney Plus to this deal for a further $3 a month, which is a pretty sweet combo overall. This could certainly be a combo again, as the Hulu and Disney Plus apps are due to be merged soon for dual subscribers. 

This offer ran from a few days before Black Friday and right through to the end of Cyber Monday and was open to new and returning subscribers. Inflation has been big this year, which might impact the price, but you can be sure it'll be cheaper than the usual fee.

Paramount Plus was knocking 50% off annual subscriptions (with or without the Showtime add-on), Peacock Premium went down to $1 a month for 12 months, and HBO Max (now just 'Max') had its ad-supported tier going for just $6 a month for the first three months. 

So we'd expect to see something similar from all the above this year. Max will be an interesting one as it now features all the Discovery content, so it might cost more, but at the same time, the buzz around the service has really dropped off of late, and with the various strikes in Hollywood in 2023, there's not much on their slate for early 2024, so they might have to offer major reductions to get viewers back. That, and stop removing their own damn content. 

Live TV services like Sling and Fubo are a bit hit-and-miss with Black Friday deals. Sling regularly offers $20 off your first month throughout the year anyway. Last year, we saw them throw in a few freebies like Fire Sticks or bonus channel add-ons, so we'll have to wait and see. They typically aren't as exciting as the standalone streaming service deals, though.

Amazon Prime prices haven't budged in a long time, even before a Prime Day sale, but one thing we do see around Black Friday is a reduction in the prices of bolt-on channels. So, if you've been eyeing up something like Shudder, MGM+, Cinemax, and so on, you'll probably get a dirt-cheap rate for a few months.

If you're not currently signed up for the services mentioned on this page and don't mind waiting for Black Friday, you might as well wait, as they certainly won't be more expensive than the current deals. 

Looking to stream some live sports sooner rather than later? Take a look at our money-saving guides on how to watch NFL games without cable and our how to watch NBA live streams.

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