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Familiar FOX favorites heading to Music City for the fifth annual Patriot Awards

Familiar FOX favorites heading to Music City for the fifth annual Patriot Awards

To celebrate a milestone event, personalities from across FOX media are traveling down to Nashville, Tenn., this week for the fifth annual Patriot Awards.

As in years past, Pete Hegseth will emcee the fifth installment of the Patriot Awards on November 16 at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, Tenn. Though the event has left the Sunshine State in exchange for a new home this year, the awards are still focused on the goal of giving real American heroes the recognition they deserve. 

"Nashville did win this one. It's our first time there. It's at the Grand Ole Opry, which is a historic country music venue. The thing is out there, there are about 2,000 less [sic] seats at the Grand Ole Opry than there were down in Florida. So if you want to get a ticket, go now. They're already selling fast. The people that signed up to get notifications early have already done so, so tickets are flying," Hegseth said on "Outnumbered."


Prior to show time, FOX Business' Madison Alworth will host a Patriot Awards red carpet event where viewers can get a first look at the attendees.

Joining Hegseth, Alworth, and more are a band of FOX News personalities, including members of the "FOX & Friends" family like Ainsley Earhardt, Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy, Lawrence Jones, Will Cain, Rachel Campos-Duffy, Janice Dean and Carley Shimkus. 

The beloved morning show members won't be the only ones in Music City this week. FOX News evening primetime stars Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and Jesse Waters will also be in attendance and even broadcasting from the highly anticipated event.

For FOX Nation fans, some of the platform's biggest names, like Abby Hornacek and Sean Larkin, will have a seat in the historic Grand Ole Opry House to celebrate the Patriot Award winners. 

Actor Dennis Quaid – whose new show, "Top Combat Pilot," just dropped on the app last week – the famed Duck Dynasty brothers, singer-songwriter John Rich, OutKick founder Clay Travis and activist Riley Gaines will also be expected guests at the event in Nashville.

FOX radio host and comedian Jimmy Failla will kick off the event with an opening act, welcoming guests both in person and those streaming on FOX Nation to the patriotic event.

The real stars of the show, though, are the award recipients who will be recognized for their outstanding patriotism.

The six award categories this year include "Most Valuable Patriot," "Back the Blue," "Salute to Service," "Young Patriot," "Courage" and the "T2T Stephen Siller Patriot Award."


"I've gotten to see some of the people who will be nominated and will get awards this year. It's just like years past. It'll blow your mind. Everyday people that did extraordinary things and never expected to be highlighted. And that's what the Patriot Awards is all about," Hegseth added.

Tickets are now available for the Patriot Awards, but seating is limited. To purchase tickets, visit or subscribe to join FOX Nation today and stream the milestone show on November 16.

FOX Nation programs are viewable on-demand and from your mobile device app, but only for FOX Nation subscribers. Go to FOX Nation to start a free trial and watch the extensive library from your favorite FOX News personalities.

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