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I wrapped up IKEA tables & raided The Range to create an epic Xmas porch decoration – people say I’m asking to be robbed

A WOMAN has shown off the epic Christmas decorations on her porch, but has been warned she’s “asking to be robbed”.

Dani loves showing off her “DIY decor” skills in videos on her social media pages, and recently posted how she turned the front of her house into a Candy Cane paradise.

Dani showed off her epic porch decoration, but everyone said she’s ‘asking to be robbed’
TikTok /@danibellehomecrafts
TikTok /@danibellehomecrafts
Dani wrapped this IKEA table in a vinyl tablecloth to look like a giant present[/caption]
TikTok /@danibellehomecrafts
She also decorated her tree in the same Candy Cane theme[/caption]
And added a red and white wreath as a “finishing touch”
TikTok /@danibellehomecrafts
There was another planted out the front of the house that was piled high with fake presents
TikTok /@danibellehomecrafts

She used items from her favourite shops – including The Range, Home Bargains, B&M and Matalan – to turn into a festive spectacle.

Dani also used an IKEA side table, and wrapped it in a vinyl tablecloth to “look like a big gift”.

“Glued some ribbon on, then used saddle clips to secure the bottom of my tree to the top of the ‘gift’,” she explained in the TikTok video.

She then lugged the tree outside, as she said: “Now we just gotta figure out what goes where.

“Then secure it to the wall so it doesn’t tip over in the wind.”

There was also a huge garland at the top of the porch, as well as another planted featuring some more “gifts” on top of it.

Dani then added the “finishing touch” to her creation with a Candy Cane wreath.

But lots of people in the comments section insisted the setup would be stolen in seconds from their neighbourhoods.

“I can’t even have plant pots without them getting robbed,” one wrote.

To which Dani replied: “Lol it’s chained to the wall!!”

“Outside my house someone would be off in the night with my decs,” another added.

“Looks great hope it don’t get nicked they nick door wreaths here,” a third commented.

“The second I’d close the door that would be pinched.. this is why I never put anything outside,” someone else admitted.

“Love this ..but it wouldn’t last outside my house, my ring doorbell was even stolen,” another sighed.

“POV how not to decorate my house round here unless I want to be robbed,” someone else wrote.

“Nope, it would get stolen,” another added.

Someone else asked Dani how much her creation cost, writing: “What’s the cost roughly for make it?

“Looks like you need a lot to make the outdoor one please, it’s fab.”

“I dread to think,” Dani replied.

While another raged: “Cost of living crisis – what a waste of money!”

Others were more concerned about the weather, with one writing: “I do love it.

“But I’m so worried for your decorations with all the elements attacking them were not known for having good weather.

“Looks fab tho.”

“Are you not scared of it blowing away in storms?” another asked.

With Dani responding: “It doesn’t budge.

“My autumn one was up for over two months”.

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Snowy Cabin in Norway, Wind and Fireplace Sounds for Sleep and Study

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