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Suella Braverman: Inside ex-Home Secretary’s relationship with husband Rael – and their wedding at the House of Commons

SUELLA Braverman and her husband Rael married in the House of Commons five years ago – after meeting through a love of politics.

The former Home Secretary, 43, then held a celebration at a Holiday Inn hotel in her constituency of Fareham, Hampshire.

Now ex-Home Secretary Suella Braverman leaving her home in London this morning[/caption]
Refer to Caption
Suella Braverman with husband Rael (left) and her parents Uma and Christie Fernandes (right)[/caption]

More than 100 residents – including family, friends and local councillors – attended the wedding reception for a celebratory meal and party in March 2018.

She met her husband Rael, who is an executive at Mercedes-Benz, three years prior to their wedding.

The couple are said to have met through a mutual love of politics, before Rael proposed during a holiday to Cyprus.

Her husband even helped her with her Brexit campaign and was on hand to hand out leaflets during the 2017 General Election.

Following the wedding, he told Portsmouth News: “We met through some mutual friends, and then she invited me for a day in parliament.

“As far as first dates go it was certainty an unusual one, but I’ve always been interested in politics so I went along with it.”

The couple had a “proper” date weeks later, before their relationship “took off”.

Mrs Braverman has previously spoken of her husband’s support, including hand-delivering leaflets in the pouring rain.

Rael also detailed how he had planned out his proposal in advance and spent their entire holiday thinking about it, before finally popping the question.

The couple, who live together in Locks Heath, Hampshire, also have two children together.

They had son George in 2019 and have daughter Gabriella, who was born two years later.

But ex-Home Secretary Ms Braverman was today relinquished of her role in Mr Sunak’s Cabinet.

She vowed “I’ll have my say” as she was fired in the wake of violent Armistice Day clashes by slamming Met Police chiefs.

In a short statement the ex-cabinet minister said: “It has been the greatest privilege of my life to serve as Home Secretary.

“I will have more to say in due course.”

Her statement comes as embattled Rishi Sunak is conducting a major cabinet reshuffle as Tory MPs descend into civil war.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly will replace Ms Braverman as Home Secretary.

And in a dramatic twist ex-PM David Cameron has made a sensational political comeback as Foreign Secretary.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Neil O’Brien, a chief architect of the new smoking ban, quit his role.

And veteran Schools Minister Nick Gibb stood down from the government.

Critics of Ms Braverman had blamed violent Armistice Day clashes between pro-Palestinian protesters and far right thugs on the ex-Home Secretary’s divisive comments about cops.

She sparked outrage late last week after taking to The Times to accuse the Met of favouring left wing pro-Palestine and BLM protestors over right wing marches.

Mrs Braverman was today sacked by Rishi Sunak[/caption]
Ms Braverman has been demoted to the backbenches of the Commons[/caption]

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10 Influencer Meltdowns Caught on Camera

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