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The popular winter sun destination a few hours from the UK where holidays have dropped in price – with £35 flights

A HOLIDAY hotspot often popular with Brits seeking some winter sun has seen a huge drop in bookings – which has resulted in cheap prices.

Just five hours from the UK, Egypt is a favourite during the cooler months in the UK, with temperatures remaining around 23C.

Holiday bookings to Egypt have been affected by the Gaza conflict, tour operators have warned[/caption]
Popular hotspots include Hurghada, which remain open for Brits to travel to[/caption]

However, the ongoing conflict in Gaza – which borders Egypt – has resulted in holidaymakers cancelling holidays, despite tourist destinations remaining unaffected.

According to the UK Foreign Office, Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada and El Gouna remain safe for travel, along with the city of Cairo and Luxor.

Travel is only advised against along the Egypt-Libya border and the Egypt-Israel border.

But tour operators have reported a spike in holiday cancellations.

Tour operator co-founder Darrell Wade told the Independent: “We’ve definitely seen quite a lot of cancellations over the last two to three weeks.”

And Karim ElMinabawy, who runs a local tour operator, said: “Reservations are very slow and this is the most worrying.”

Research conducted by travel analytics firm Forward Keys found Egypt flight arrivals were down 35 per cent between three weeks before the Gaza conflict started to the three weeks afterwards.

This has resulted in cheap holidays and flights, despite it being the busy season for Egyptian holidays for Brits.

We’ve found flights for as little as £35 each way in November and December, despite it being a five-hour journey.

And loveholidays has seven-night breaks next month for as little as £183pp, which includes return flights.

All-inclusive breaks are also cheap, with seven-night deals from £216pp.

Cruise operators have said they are operating as normal in Egypt.

Uniworld, who have several Nile cruises, said in a statement last month: “Our cruises/tours in Egypt and Jordan are running as scheduled. We will continue to monitor and provide updates if any further changes are required.”

If you have a holiday booked, you should avoid cancelling it unless the UK’s travel advice changes.

Unless the destination is advised against travel, then you won’t get your money back if you decide to cancel it.

However, it is advised to check the latest advice before travelling as it can change at short notice, as well as choose ot stay at holiday resorts which are safer.

The latest advice warns Brits to remain vigilant, due to a heightened risk of terrorism, although adds crime levels are ‘low’ against tourists.

If you still want some winter sun, there are other destinations you can choose from that have cheap deals.

Morocco is just three hours from the UK, and Jet2 has launched flights and holiday packages there for the first time.

Flights start from £79 each way, while package holidays start from £366pp – although we found local riads for as little as £9 a night.

Or you can head to Senegal, where TUI launched package holidays last winter.

The African destination has no time difference and remains around 33C in the winter.

Otherwise Cape Verde is also popular with Brits, which has 28C temperatures in November and is known as “Africa’s answer to the Caribbean”.

Here are some other holiday destinations which remain hot in February.

Holidays can be found for as little as £183pp[/caption]

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Snowy Walk in Hallstatt, Austria, Morning Binaural Winter Sounds

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