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The five things you should never take from your hotel room, according to expert – but people don’t agree

AN ETIQUETTE expert has gone viral after revealing the exact items holidaymakers can take from their hotel rooms.

While it’s understandable that you may want to take something from your hotel room as a souvenir, there are rules around what you can actually put into your suitcase.

The television etiquette expert has revealed the exact items holidaymakers can take from their hotel room[/caption]

William Hanson, the television etiquette expert, has revealed the exact items holidaymakers can take from their hotel room.

He posted a video on his TikTok channel (@williamhansonetiquette) where he explained the rules.

In the video, he said: “What is and isn’t acceptable to take home from a hotel bedroom?

“Well, basically, anything small, so things like the dental kit, the shaving kit, any miniatures of shampoo or body wash, that’s absolutely fine.

“The hotel slippers, fine to take home, indeed these say ‘love me, use me, take me home’.

“But things like the mug for example, or the cups and saucers, the glasses, the pillow, the robe, please leave it in the room because stealing is not good etiquette.”

The video has had more than 2.9 million views, with users rushing into the comments to share their opinions.

While several people appreciated William’s ‘lesson’ in hotel room etiquette, others disagreed with the rules.

One person said: “If it’s literally not screwed onto the wall, I’m keeping it.”

Another added: “My rule is if it isn’t nailed down, the hotel is basically asking me to take it away.”

Meanwhile, several hotel employees noted that guests often swiped more than their fair share, with one person saying: “I used to work in a hotel and some people even took light bulbs.”

Other users simply pointed out that only the more expensive hotels are kitted out with miniature toiletries.

Someone said: “Shaving and dental kit? The most I’ve ever had from a hotel is a bar of soap.”

Over the years, William Hanson has provided plenty of other etiquette tips to holidaymakers.

Earlier this year, Mr Hanson shared how holidaymakers can be favoured by hotel employees during their stay.

He told Sun Online Travel: “Eye contact is key, along with a genuine smile, and the appreciation of the work they are doing.”

“One of my big bug bares is people on the phone when hotel staff come to the table.”

“If a server comes up to your table, put the phone down and give them the attention.”

The etiquette guru also recommended using the names of employees too.

He added: “Write down their names on your phone. For example, the blonde waiter is called William.

“And then make sure to use their name when you’re talking to them because they are a person too.”

In another interview with Sun Online Travel, William revealed the cheeky phrase passengers should try at the check-in counter to try and nab an upgrade.

William said: “At the check-in desk, you need to say this phrase to the check-in staff: ‘If you do need to move anyone on the plane, then I’m fine to move into the first class cabin,’ or something to that effect.”

“It’s good because you’re not quite asking, and you’re making it seem like you’re being selfless and doing the staff the favour.”

A woman last year was told by her hotel to return the normal-sized toiletries after she packed them.

And one man went one further – by trying to gift their hotel mini toiletries as Christmas presents.

He revealed that items like the dental kit, the shaving kit and any miniatures of shampoo or body wash were fine to take[/caption]

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