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English manager tearing it up abroad spotted at West Ham match as fans call him ‘dream’ David Moyes successor

WILL STILL has been hailed as fans “dream” successor for David Moyes after he was spotted at the London Stadium.

The English manager was in attendance as the Hammers beat Premier League rivals Nottingham Forest.

Will Still was spotted at West Ham’s clash with Nottingham Fores[/caption]
Instagram @wrstill
Still posted on his Instagram account that he was at the match[/caption]
Fans have called Still their ‘dream’ successor to David Moyes

Still, 31, watched on as Tomas Soucek and Jarrod Bowen netted for West Ham after they had fallen 2-1 behind to the East Midlands outfit.

The win propelled West Ham back into the top half of the Premier League and relieved pressure off Moyes.

The Scot had come under scrutiny after the club’s questionable league form saw them drop down the table after a promising start to the season.

There are thought to be no immediate plans to sack Moyes from his position as manager.

However, he is in the last year of his contract with the East London club and it has been claimed that he could be offered a job behind the scenes.

And fans seeing Still at the stadium are now claiming that he would be their “dream” replacement for the Conference League winner.

One fan posted: “The man I’d like to replace Moyes if he ever leaves. My managerial man crush.”

A second wrote: “Would love it!”

A third commented: “Interesting times.


A fourth added: “Please god.”

Another said: “I’d 100% be looking at Will Still as a long-term Moyes replacement.”

Still has been tearing it up at Stade de Reims in Ligue 1.

He took charge of the club in the midst of a relegation battle last season and led the club on a 17-game unbeaten run.

The manager managed the feat without coaching badges, a problem that cost the French club £21,000 per match due to fines from Ligue 1.

Still has been making a name for himself in France[/caption]

That is no longer the case as he has been doing a course at the National Football Centre near Brussels.

Still’s initial success does not appear to be a fluke as he currently has his side 5th in France’s top-flight.

He does have connections to the Hammers having previously admitted that he has always been a supporter of the club.

He had been asked about taking over at the club at some point in his career, to which he claimed he would not “think twice about it”.

He said: “I’ve never had a career plan. I take what comes. But I admit that the little child in me wants to go back to England.

“It’s my home, it’s my championship, the best in the world. I have always been a supporter of West-Ham.

“I wouldn’t think twice about it, but would I be able to? I would feel too guilty in the event of defeat.

“But the Premier League and Europe are clearly two major objectives.”


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