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Seven explosive BBC EastEnders theories: scam exposed, fan favourite goes to prison and old flames discovered

CATASTROPHE has reached Walford once again, leaving two residents’ fates hanging in the balance.

Meanwhile, more lies may be uncovered this week in EastEnders. Here’s the lowdown on what you can expect.

The Beales and Knights are reeling from the café fire[/caption]
Kathy Beale is arrested[/caption]

1. Rocky hits rock bottom

Desperate to turn his funds around after Nish Panesar made it clear he’ll have to pay his debts one way or another, Rocky Cotton played with fire last week.

The schemer portrayed by Brian Conley set fire to his wife Kathy Beale’s café in the hopes of getting his hands on the insurance money.

But before he can bag the cash, Rocky – and more particularly his wife – will have to face more tough times.

This week on BBC One, the Beales are distraught as one resident’s life hangs in the balance.

Cindy Beale (played by Michelle Collins) is quick to blame Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) for the incident.

She storms back to Walford after spotting a warm moment between Kathy and her husband Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt).

Meanwhile, George Knight (Colin Salmon) comforts Cindy in The Vic and encourages her to head back to the hospital after sharing some home truths about her behaviour.

Back at the hospital, Cindy appears to have forgiven Kathy as she and Ian put the earlier events of the day behind them.

Unfortunately, it’s not long before the police arrive to arrest Kathy for her involvement in the fire – is there more to the situation than meets the eye?

Despite this, one fan is convinced Kathy won’t be taking the fall for Rocky’s actions.

This soap viewer took to social media, convinced that the truth about Rocky will be exposed quicker than expected.

“It will come out, there’s CCTV outside the Minute Mart as well and then there’s Harvey and unfortunately Kathy who will end up being investigated and out of work and most likely have to pay off another debt of Rocky’s to Nish”, the fan penned.

Speaking of Harvey Monroe…

Could Harvey turn his back on Rocky?[/caption]

2. Huge betrayal

As mentioned above, Kathy is the first suspect to be brought in to the police station.

News of her arrest is rife on the Square as she remains at the police station having been questioned through the night.

Kathy refuses a solicitor but after hours of questioning, she starts to regret her decision.

Meanwhile, Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman) approaches his pal Rocky and tries to convince him to come clean to save Kathy from legal repercussions.

Harvey has known all along what Rocky was planning and tried to stop him.

But could he make the decision to turn Rocky in to the authorities?

Will Peter recover from his injuries?[/caption]

3. Big returns amid tragedy

Two casualties were teased after the fire and it seemed likely that Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) would be the one to perish.

However, in a shock twist, his half-brother Peter (Thomas Law) was brought into hospital after getting caught up in the blaze.

This has prompted multiple fans of the long-running program to speculate that his injuries may be life-changing, although a handful took this theory a step further and thought Peter could even die following the fire.

“OMG Peter dies/get seriously fucking injured desperately trying to save Bobby? No wonder Cindy’s so angry with Kathy. Totally understandable. She’s already lost 2 kids, she wasn’t there to protect them/do anything about it unfortunately but she can fight for Peter”, one fan most notably wrote.

Other viewers theorised that Peter’s injuries could lead to a big comeback – Lauren Branning’s.

Actress Jacqueline Jossa is set to reprise her role as the iconic character, who shares a child with Peter Beale, in upcoming weeks.

Could it be to help Peter recover?

Another theory quickly emerged online as Lauren’s cousin, Penny, is also due to come back to the Square.

Jack Branning’s daughter will be returning after 15 years of absence but what will be the circumstances surrounding her comeback?

Could Albie reveal Karen and Keanu’s plot?[/caption]

4. Kidnap plot revealed

Elsewhere in Albert Square, Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) and his mother Karen (Lorraine Stanley) have pulled off a kidnapping plot.

Keanu agreed to pretend his son Albie Watts had disappeared and Karen’s brother-in-law Malcolm helped.

Albie was brought home safe and sound and, this week, he undergoes a series of tests in hospital.

However, some viewers have wondered if the tot could reveal that his kidnapping ordeal was all a sham as he has let some details slip.

“I really want Sharon to play Keanu at his own game. Just like she did to Ian at Xmas”, one soap fan wrote.

“Albie is definitely going to say something as well. He’s already given away vague details.”

Will Karen be sent to prison?[/caption]

5. Prison sentence for fan favourite

Although Karen and Keanu remain in the clear for the near future, secrets are always unearthed in Walford – and the consequences are dire.

Keanu recently came to the realisation he was still deeply in love with Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) and it was enough for them to give their relationship another chance.

But in doing so, Keanu has set himself up for potential betrayal as fans speculate he could throw his own mother under the bus, adamant on having a peaceful life with Sharon and their son.

Actress Lorraine Stanley is due to leave EastEnders and viewers have speculated she could be thrown in prison for her involvement in Albie’s kidnapping.

One scene aired on Wednesday (November 8, 2023) has comforted multiple TV fans into believing this theory as it showed Karen and Keanu discussing his reconciliation with Sharon, which she has been fiercely opposed to.

Sat outside The Vic, Karen vented about relationships, claiming Sharon would “rip (Keanu’s) eyes out” if she discovered the truth about Albie’s kidnapping.

The camera then quickly cut to Keanu and Karen through the metal bars of the Albert Square garden.

Could it be a hint that Karen will end up in prison?

Could Albie’s father be Phil Mitchell?[/caption]

6. Paternity twist

As mentioned above, Albie is set for some tests in hospital this week following his kidnap.

Sharon is worried when she receives a phone call from the hospital requesting an urgent appointment to discuss Albie’s test results. 

Keanu tries to reassure her as they anxiously prepare for Albie’s hospital appointment.

But when the day of the appointment rolls by, Keanu is late, prompting Sharon to start the appointment without him.

He finally arrives and the pair are stunned by shocking news as they agree to have tests themselves.

According to one fan, Albie could be diagnosed with a genetic disorder… which may even lead to the discovery that his father isn’t really Keanu.

This viewer is convinced Sharon’s ex-husband Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) will be revealed as Albie’s real biological father, despite being ruled out years ago, after some more tests to figure out the cause of the young boy’s disorder.

“I don’t think it will be cancer, but more likely some kind of genetic disorder that has to be inherited from both parents. Sharon is a carrier, Keanu isn’t…which leads to the reveal that Phil is the daddy”, the fan penned.

Could it be another secret for Sharon to keep?

Eve gets a new love interest – how will Suki react?[/caption]

7. Former affair rumbled

Meanwhile, Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) gets a new love interest this week, months following the devastating end of her affair with Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal).

But could this budding romance push the businesswoman into action and convince her to win her lover back?

Or could it lead to her slipping up and accidentally revealing her former affair with Eve to her controlling and abusive husband Nish?

Soap boss Chris Clenshaw has teased that Suki’s secret will eventually be uncovered during a chat with

But Suki won’t be alone in the revelation as newcomer Priya Nandra-Hart will be taking part in uncovering her secret.

“I think I can say that Priya plays some part in how Suki’s affair is uncovered”, Chris said.

“I can say that all hell will break loose. Is there a future? I think one would really hope there’s a future for the two of them.”

“I think it’s really clear that they are destined to be together. I think we see a very different Suki when she’s with Eve, and I think we’re all rooting for them to be happy. But this is EastEnders…”

Could it all start with Eve getting into a new relationship?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.


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